Post Shields Review Video

Protect your Wooden Mailbox, Deck and Fence Posts with Post Shields

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of reviews Post Shields.

I recently received in the mail a simple but neat little set of products for protecting 4×4 wooden posts from lawn mowers and grass trimmers. They are called Post Shields and are ideal for installing around 4×4 mailbox, deck, and fence posts. Besides protecting posts from mowers and trimmers, Post Shields also mitigate the risk for post damage caused by insects and moisture.

Damage wooden posts are more susceptible to insect infestation, and water retention, that can cause wooden posts to rot and break over time.

The installation of Post Shields is quick and easy. Just assemble three of the side panels together by sliding each panel into the locking track of the other panels. Then wrap them around the base of the wooden post and slide the last panel into place.

Post shields are made of durable high impact plastic and come in black, white and bronze. They can be purchased online at Post Shields, Inc.. For homeowners they can be purchased either in a single set or a package of four.

Protect your Wooden Mailbox, Deck and Fence Posts with Post Shields

At the time of this writing, the single set costs $7.50 and the four pack $24.99. For landscapers who may be interested in purchasing them in bulk for their customers, they are available in 32 packs for $120.

So if you want to protect your wooden posts from damage and eliminate scuff marks caused by mowers and grass trimmers, I’d recommend Post Shields as a simple and effective solution.

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