How to Sharpen a Chain Saw Blade Video

A Sharp Chainsaw Blade Makes Cutting Easier and Safer

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to sharpen a chainsaw blade.

One of the most important maintenance tasks associated with owning a chainsaw is keeping the blade sharp. The chainsaw blade should be sharpened after prolonged use of the chain saw, e.g. after several hours of use, or if the chain saw blade has come in contact with the ground while the chain saw was operating.

In this video I show how to sharpen a chain saw blade using a round file and a file guide specifically designed to be used in sharpening chain saw blades. You can purchase the round file and filing guide as a kit from any local hardware store or home improvement center. However, make sure you purchase the appropriate sized round file for the particular chain saw blade you plan to sharpen

To sharpen the chain saw blade first make sure the round file is securely fastened in the file guide. Then put on a pair of good work gloves.

Next, holding the file/file guide securely, slide the file/file guide into one of the teeth on the chain saw blade. Make sure to slide the file into the tooth from the inside edge to the outside edge. Also, make sure the chain saw blade is parallel to one of the lines on the file guide as you slide the round file/file guide through the tooth. Notice that the file/file guide is positioned at a 25 to 35 degree angle with edge of the chain saw blade. In addition, make sure to hold the file/file guide at the appropriate angle, relative to the vertical position of the blade.

For the blade I’m sharpening, I am making sure to hold the file/file guide level, perpendicular to the vertical edge of the blade, as I push the file across the tooth edge. With some chain saw blades, you may have to tilt the file/file guide at a 10 degree upward angle relative to the chainsaw blade edge.

Repeat sliding the file through the tooth three to four times, again from the inside to the outside edge of the blade, before sliding the chain backward with your gloved hand and moving on to the next tooth that is aimed in the same direction. You will notice that every other tooth is faced in the same direction.

How to sharpen a chain saw blade.

Once you’ve sharpened all the chain saw teeth that aim in the same direction, turn the chain saw 180 degrees on its vertical axis and sharpen the other teeth in exactly the same way. When complete, your chain saw should be able to again cut easily through logs.

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