How to Replace a Toilet Tank Fill Video

Step by step Instructions on How to Remove and Install a Toilet Tank Fill Valve

By Mark J. Donovan

Mark Donovan, of shows how to replace a toilet tank fill valve in this video.

Over time a toilet tank fill valve can fail and cause the toilet to continuously run. Sometimes a failing toilet tank fill valve makes a weird humming sound. Go here to learn about humming toilet tanks. This can damage a private septic system, and cost a small fortune in water bills.

Removing an old toilet tank fill valve and installing a new tank fill valve is easy to do. All you may need for tools is an adjustable wrench to loosen the old toilet tank fill valve locking nut.

To replace a toilet tank fill valve it is important to first shut off the water and drain the water from the toilet tank.

Then you can remove the supply line and old toilet tank fill valve.

After removing the old toilet fill valve you can install the new one basically in reverse order.

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Just make sure to install the flange washer at the base of the threaded shaft on the new toilet tank fill valve unit.

Once you have replaced the toilet tank fill valve, reconnect the water supply line and turn the valve back on.

Check to make sure the toilet tank fills to just below the top of the overfill tube before the fill valve shuts off. Also make sure the float ball does not come in contact with the side walls or the drain supply tube.

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