Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Changing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs could be the winning ticket for Selling your Home

By Mark J. Donovan

Recently I was talking with a real estate agent and she told me that one thing I may want to consider to help sell my home is to replace the kitchen cabinet knobs. Initially I was floored with her comment and dismissed it as another simplistic idea for selling a home, similar to the concept of baking cookies just before a house showing. But after thinking about it more and getting a few other opinions, I came to the conclusion it would not hurt or cost a lot to replace my old brass kitchen cabinet knobs with some new, more contemporary kitchen cabinet knobs.

The only dilemma I found in replacing my old kitchen cabinet knobs was choosing among the myriad of kitchen cabinet hardware knob choices.

Kitchen cabinet knobs are available with Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Nickel finishes, just to name a few of the material choices. Some of the metal finish styles include brushed metal finishes, polished finishes, powder coated, and oil rubbed finishes. Glass and wooden kitchen cabinet knobs or handles are also readily available. In addition, kitchen cabinet knobs are available in Antique and Venetian styles.

There are also a plethora of kitchen cabinet knob shapes and patterns to choose from. Kitchen cabinet knobs are available in rectangle, square, round, and hexagon shapes just to name a few of the styles. In addition, kitchen cabinet knobs are available in all different styles of etched prints, relief lines and patterns.

Fortunately I found some brushed Nickel kitchen cabinet knobs that were similar in style and mechanical requirements to allow me to use the existing kitchen cabinet knob holes without requiring me to drill new holes or increase the diameter of the existing holes.

The new kitchen cabinet knobs look great, and who knows, they may be just the ticket for selling my house someday.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

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