Lazy Susan Cabinet

A Lazy Susan Cabinet is a Superb Kitchen Cabinet Design Solution for Storing and Accessing Items in Deep Corners

By Mark J. Donovan

A Lazy Susan cabinet is the perfect kitchen cabinet design solution for corners. From initial appearance it looks like two kitchen cabinet doors at right angles to one another. However, when you push or pull on the door(s) the door either rotates inwards or opens outwards to reveal rotary trays or pull-out cabinets.

Prior to the availability of Lazy Susan cabinets less frequently used kitchen items were typically stored and forgotten about in the deep recesses of a corner kitchen cabinet. However, with the advent of the Lazy Susan cabinet the wasted corner space became a popular location for storing food items, and pots and pans.

A Lazy Susan cabinet typically consists of one or two rotating trays or carousels that rotate around a center axis pole within the kitchen cabinet. Lazy Susan cabinets are also available with drawer systems that easily pull out.

A Lazy Susan kitchen cabinet is typically located in a corner where it would be otherwise hard to reach for objects. In some cases the kitchen cabinet door system is attached directly to rotating kidney shaped carousel trays, and in other cases the kitchen cabinet door system opens up and fully circular tray(s) can be rotated by hand to access stored items. With most Lazy Susan cabinet systems they can be rotated in either direction.

Lazy Susan cabinets come in a variety of shapes and styles. Besides the standard kidney or circular shaped rotating carousel trays, there are also half moon shaped Lazy Susan Cabinets and drawer system based ones.

A lazy Susan Cabinet makes efficient use of kitchen real estate.

There are also pie cut Lazy Susan kitchen cabinets as well as blind corner Lazy Susan cabinet systems, each with their own unique benefits. Lazy Susan cabinet trays are available in plastic, wood and metal materials, and come in various dimensional widths and heights.

It is important to consider what you plan on storing on the carousel trays when buying a Lazy Susan cabinet. The quality and ruggedness of Lazy Susan cabinets and their rotating trays and associated hardware vary widely. Frequently people overstuff low-end Lazy Susan cabinets and end up breaking the hardware. This results in either the trays not rotating well or even worse not rotating at all.

So when developing your kitchen cabinet design consider including Lazy Susan cabinets for those hard to reach places. Just make sure you select ones that serve your intended storage purposes.

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