Remote Control Lighting

Operate Exterior Lighting with a Wireless Remote Control Switch

By Mark J. Donovan

Remote control lighting of exterior house lights provides added security and safety to the home and its occupants. Remote controlled switch lighting also helps to reduce home energy needs. New remote control lighting technology enables homeowners to have more direct and efficient control of their home’s exterior lights when approaching the home from afar.

Home entrance-ways and driveways are commonly illuminated with exterior side lights and floodlights. 

Typically they are controlled via light switches within the home. In addition, if a homeowner desires the lights to automatically turn on when nearing the home, motion detector switches or exterior light appliances can be installed to automatically turn on the lights at the approach of a person.

Unfortunately motion detector lights are sensitive to more than just people. They are also often activated via passing vehicles or animals. Even on windy or rainy nights they can be activated by blowing leaves or rain. Having exterior lights turn on at undesired times wastes electricity and can be annoying to the home occupants.

New remote control lighting technology is now available today that enables homeowners to wirelessly turn on and off exterior lights from as far away as 500 feet or more.

The remote control lighting technology is designed to be placed in series with the power feed (interior light switch placed in the on position for example) and the load (exterior light).

Remote Control Lighting System

At the heart of the remote control lighting technology is a switch element that can be turned on and off via a wireless signal. The wireless signal is generated via a small transmitter, similar in size to today’s modern car keys.

A small receiver that is attached to the switch element box receives and decodes the signal and activates the switch element to turn on or off the exterior lights. Some remote control lighting systems that are available today are designed to operate off of both 120V and 240V electricity.

In addition, they can be used to turn on other electrical appliances besides exterior lights, such as heaters, small pumps and exhaust fans. They can also support up to 1,800 watts on a single circuit and 3,600 watts on two circuits, thus enabling a string of exterior lights or electrical appliances to be remotely turned on simultaneously.

The beauty of this type of remote control lighting system is that it allows you to turn on your home’s exterior lights from afar with a simple touch of a button on the wireless remote. In addition, it saves energy by only turning on the lights when you really want them to turn on, and provides the security and safety you desire to boot.

Once in the safety of your garage or home, simply tap the transmitter button once again and the exterior lights turn off. This type of remote control lighting technology is ideal for not just the home, but also for out buildings and boat docks.

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The remote control lighting technology is also designed so that it can’t interfere with garage door openers. The technology is designed to allow billions of transmitter/receiver settings to ensure there are no conflicts with your garage door openers.

Remote control lighting systems can be installed by the average do it yourself handyman, however when working around electricity safety is a major concern. The circuit breaker associated with the electrical lights or appliances you plan to work on should be turned off. In addition, a piece of tape should be placed over the circuit breaker to ensure nobody inadvertently turns it back on while you’re installing the remote control lighting system.

So if you are looking for more control over your exterior lights consider a remote control lighting system. They’re energy efficient, practical and easy to install.

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