Radiant Heating and Radiant Cove Heaters

Radiant Cove Heaters – An Excellent Heating System for New Home Additions

By Mark J. Donovan

Radiant cove heaters are an ideal choice for heating a new addition to your home. Radiant Cove heaters, as their name implies, provide radiant heat to rooms by converting electricity into heat energy.

Radiant cove heaters are mounted on walls near the ceilings in a room. They typically are positioned approximately 4 inches from the ceiling and come in various lengths and sizes, pending the room’s area. Radiant cove heating units are controlled via a wall thermostat located in the room. Each room utilizing radiant cove heaters can be independently controlled with separate thermostats, similar to standard floor mounted electrical heating elements.

Radiant cove heaters produce mainly heat energy that is radiated downwards towards the living area. Radiant heating, unlike convectional heating, is absorbed into the objects that it is directed at including, furniture, people, floors and walls.

These objects once warmed, emit heat energy, which helps to provide for a comfortable, stable and warm room temperature.

Similar to how the sun’s rays can quickly warm you; radiant cove heaters provide rapid directional heat that quickly warms you and your local surroundings.

In addition, radiant cove heaters also provide some level of convection heating, which helps to heat the air within the room.

As a result of their radiant heating properties, cove heaters are extremely efficient as they direct heat where people need it – towards the center of the living space. Other alternative heating sources direct conventionally heated air towards the ceilings, via outside walls. This process creates drafts that circulate throughout the room. Pending where you stand relative to the heating element, there can be several degrees difference in temperature within the same room, not to mention breezes.

Besides being extremely efficient, radiant cove heaters can also be aesthetically appealing. They come in various lengths, colors, styles, and wattages, and are produced by a number of manufacturers, including Radiant Systems, Inc.

Radiant cove heaters are also extremely functional and safe. Because they are located up near the ceilings, they are out of the way of children, pets, curtains and furniture. Unlike standard baseboard heating elements, there are no concerns of denting or scratching them as they are above the fray of children and vacuum cleaners. In addition, furniture can be placed along walls that would not otherwise be possible with baseboard heating elements.

Also, because they operate on electricity, which is an extremely efficient energy source, there are no vents or chimneys required with radiant cove heaters, thus saving building costs an energy operating costs.

So when considering your next construction or home addition project, consider radiant cove heaters. They are an excellent alternative to traditional heating sources, and can save you money both in the short and long run.

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