Radiant Heating Advantages

The Benefits of Installing Low Voltage Radiant Heating

By Mark J. Donovan

Radiant heating offers a number of advantages over alternative heating technologies. Radiant heating is an incredibly comfortable form of heating. As the heat rises from the floor, you’re warmed from your toes to your head in a slow and continuous progression. Moreover, with radiant heating there is no whoosh sound coming from vents, nor the blowing of dust, as is the case with forced hot air heating systems.

Also, unlike forced hot water baseboard heating or hot air heating, low voltage radiant heating provides a very evenly distributed heat throughout the entire room or home where the radiant heat is installed.

Radiant heating is also extremely efficient and outputs the heat where it’s needed. Low voltage radiant heating efficiency is typically rated at 98 to 100% efficient making it extremely low cost to operate. Also, due to the fact that it puts the heat immediately where it’s needed, at ground level, it needs to operate much less often.

Radiant heating can also be custom designed for a specific room or home. Furthermore it can consist of multiple heating zones, and be used as either the primary or supplementary home heating source. In many homes it is simply used for supplemental heating of bathrooms, kitchens and/or finished basement floors.

It can be used to heat under all types of flooring materials including hardwood floors, tile, marble, slate and even carpet. Due to its design flexibility it can even be custom designed where only a portion of a room is heated with it, e.g. a finished basement area that has areas left unfinished.

Radiant heating installation is also easier than most people realize. There is no duct work that needs to be circuitously installed in the home. Similarly there is no large furnace or boiler required. The radiant heating wire can be buried in concrete, sandwiched in between a raised floor, or even fastened to the undersides of floor sheathing in between floor joists. The associated control box and low voltage heating element can be located in a basement, garage or utility room.

Control thermostats are located in the room(s) with the radiant heating. Many of the thermostats that come with low voltage radiant heating systems include a plethora of programming options, including the ability to set different temperatures for certain times of the day or on weekdays/weekends.

Due to its simplicity in installation, radiant heating is also ideal for home addition projects. It can be used as the primary heat source for the addition, thus eliminating the possible need for having to replace the main heating system with a larger furnace or boiler system.

Radiant heating systems are also extremely safe and reliable. Due to the fact that they are low voltage there is no risk of life threatening electrical shocks. From a reliability standpoint they require little to no maintenance, due to the fact that they operate off of a solid state electronic control system. Also, radiant heating manufactures offer extended warranties on the heating elements. Consequently, unlike other heating systems, annual maintenance inspections are not necessary.

So when evaluating home heating options make sure to look at low voltage radiant heating systems. You’ll be shocked at what they can do to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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