Electric Radiant Heating

Low Cost Warming with Electrical Radiant Heating

By Mark J. Donovan

One of the best ways to heat your home is with low cost warming electrical radiant heating. Electrical radiant heating is known as mass heating as it involves heating a large mass, such as a floor. Electrical radiant heating is much more energy efficient than convectional and forced hot air heating systems. A typical electrical radiant heating system is 98 to 100% energy efficient. In addition, radiant heating provides much more evenly distributed heating. Unlike forced hot air systems that blow hot air into a room, electrical radiant heating radiates heat upwards from the floor into the living space.

As a result, electrical radiant heating is much more energy efficient and comfortable.

With other heating solutions, where heating elements are located on exterior walls and under windows, the heat has to be much hotter to counteract the cold exterior wall surfaces. As a result, the furnaces and boilers need to run hotter, and the heated rooms are drafty due to hot and cold eddy currents circulating in the room. The result is less energy efficient and more uncomfortable heating compared to electrical radiant heating systems.

Overall low voltage electrical radiant heat systems require less energy to operate than other heating systems, due to the fact that they produce the heat directly where it is needed. Electrical radiant heating systems also do not need to cycle on as frequently as other heating systems, as there is less heat loss with them.

Electrical radiant heating systems are also easy to install and extremely safe. A grid of electrical wire heating elements needs to be installed in the floor or subfloor prior to installing the final flooring.

The electrical wire heating element grid then connects into a low voltage control box that regulates the heat produced by the heating elements. A thermostat located in the room triggers the control box to turn on and off the radiant heating system.

Electrical radiant heating can be employed in any type of flooring material including under hardwood floors, carpeting, and tiling.

Electrical radiant heating can be used to heat an entire home or just portions of it, such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

Electrical radiant heat is also idea for room additions as it is easy to install and prevents the possible need for having to upgrade the main home heating system.

So before you go out and buy another forced hot air or convection heating system check out electrical radiant heating. If you choose to buy an electrical radiant heating system your entire body, from your toes to your head will be thanking you.

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