Repair Drywall Ceilings

Tips on Repairing Drywall Ceilings

By Mark J. Donovan

To repair drywall ceilings you have a number of choices depending upon the type and size of damage to the ceiling. If the ceiling is just looking dingy, or has an old stain on it, and has a flat surface repairing the drywall ceiling is easy. If, on the other hand, there is a major hole in the ceiling your drywall ceiling repair job is going to take a bit more work.

Repair Stained Drywall Ceiling

To repair a drywall ceiling that simply has a water stain on it, apply a stain sealer to the stain and then simply paint over the stain. For best results, paint the entire ceiling using a paint roller. Before making the drywall ceiling repair, however, make sure the source of the stain has been addressed, e.g. fix the leaking roof first.

Repair Drywall Ceiling with a Major Hole

To repair a drywall ceiling with a major hole, cut away a section of the drywall ceiling using a utility knife and patch in a new piece of drywall. Make sure to properly tape and mud the new drywall piece before applying a drywall primer and paint to the patched drywall ceiling area. See my “How to Patch a Large Drywall Hole Ebook” to learn the specifics on how to professionally do this task.

Patching Drywall Ceiling with a Popcorn Texture

Before repairing a drywall ceiling with popcorn texture confirm that the popcorn texture was applied after 1978. Popcorn ceilings, prior to 1979 may have asbestos in it. If you are unsure contact an asbestos abatement contractor to test a few samples of the popcorn ceiling.

Assuming the popcorn ceiling is asbestos free, simply apply a bin sealer and paint over the stained popcorn ceiling, if it is indeed a stain that is the issue.

Make sure, however, to not apply too much paint to the affected area so that the popcorn ceiling becomes sopped in paint. If you do, it may peel off and you will need to modify your drywall ceiling repair plans.

If there is a large hole in the popcorn drywall ceiling then patch the affected area exactly as already described. Again, you may also want to see my Ebook on “How to Patch a Large Drywall Hole” to learn the specifics of this process.

Once the large hole has been patched you can find a variety of popcorn ceiling textures at your local home improvement center to apply to the patched drywall ceiling. Select a popcorn texture that bests matches your ceiling. After the popcorn ceiling has dried you can paint the repaired drywall ceiling area. Again, for best results, paint the entire ceiling.

If your ceiling has a skip troweled surface, then use a slightly water downed joint compound mixture and a drywall taping knife or sponge to create the desired finished ceiling texture. Again, after the joint compound has dried paint over the repaired drywall ceiling area.

How to remove popcorn ceiling

For information on repairing a large drywall hole, see the “How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole” Ebook from  The “How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole” Ebook provides step-by-step instructions on how to repair your damaged wall so that it looks as good as new.

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