Ceiling Finishing Ideas

Ceiling Finishing Ideas and Designs that Yield a Beautifully Finished Ceiling

By Mark J. Donovan

Once the ceilings have been taped and mudded in your newly built home or home addition, it’s time to make the final decision on what type of ceiling finish to go with. Hopefully you’ve already made that decision before you get to this point, but often people don’t think about ceiling designs or finishes until the general contractor, drywaller or painting contractor asks you a day before they’re ready to wrap up their work.

There are a lot more ceiling ideas to choose from today than simply painting the ceiling white or spraying on a popcorn ceiling.

In particular, popcorn ceiling has gone out of style, so think long and hard before picking this ceiling finish.

Also, the type of room plays an important role in selecting what type of ceiling finish to go with. For example, in basement renovation projects dropped ceilings are preferable to many homeowners over a flat painted drywall ceiling. Dropped ceilings allow access to plumbing and other mechanical hardware often located in first level floor joists.

Skipped Trowel Ceiling Finish

One of the more common ceiling finishing ideas preferred by homeowners is the skipped trowel method. This method involves applying a final coat of watered down joint compound to the ceiling and then going back over it while it is still wet with a trowel to create patterns in the joint compound. A swirl pattern is frequently used. Once the joint compound has dried, your ceiling is left with a slightly textured surface. A final coat of paint can then be applied over the textured ceiling. Alternatively, a light sand mixture can be added to the joint compound prior to applying it to the ceiling.

Knocked Down Ceiling Finish

Another ceiling idea employs the knocked down ceiling method. This ceiling finish method is similar to the skip trowel method, but involves applying very loose joint compound to the ceiling. Shortly after applying joint compound to a section of ceiling, a trowel is used to “knock down” the “stalactites” that begin to form. Once the stalactites are knocked down and the joint compound has dried the finished product produces a random textured ceiling surface that can be painted or not.

Coffered Ceiling Idea

A coffered ceiling is another ceiling idea that you may want to consider. It is often used in more expensive homes or in formal rooms such as a dining room. A coffered ceiling involves creating a grid (square, rectangular or circular) of panels on the ceiling. A coffered ceiling can provide a ceiling with unmatched beauty and character, particularly if multiple paint colors are used.

Crown Molding and Tray Ceilings are other Popular Ceiling Ideas

Also consider adding crown molding to the ceiling to provide a beautiful richness to the ceiling.

Skipped Troweled Ceiling Look.

Moreover, a tray ceiling along with crown molding can create a layered finished ceiling. Crown molding, and even some types of tray ceilings are perfect DIY home improvement projects that can easily be done as retro-fit projects after the contractors have left.

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