An Innovative Tool for Hanging Drywall on Ceilings

A Simple and Easy tool for Drywall and Sheetrock Installation

By Mark J. Donovan

Have you ever personally hung drywall? If you have, you know how heavy and difficult it is to install, particularly the ceiling. If you are a homeowner that is thinking about building a home addition or finishing a room, with the intentions of hanging drywall yourself, I have some helpful news for you.

There is a neat and very affordable drywall installation tool on the market called “FREE HANDS” that makes the hanging of drywall a much easier task. FREE HANDS is effectively a support tool that holds drywall panels in place, be it on walls or the ceiling, while you fasten the panels in place with nails or screws.

FREE HANDS is a great alternative to the traditional tools used in aiding the installation of drywall on ceilings. Normally a DIY homeowner would have to go out and either buy or rent a drywall jack or lift, or make their own T-bar support tool out of 2x4s to help hold drywall ceiling panels in place during installation. Buying or renting a drywall jack or lift, however, is expensive and using a 2×4 T-bar can be awkward to use initially.

The Free Hands Drywall Installation tool is extremely simple in both design and use. FREE HANDS comprises of two specially designed small plastic brackets. That’s it. The plastic brackets each contains holes to allow them to be temporarily fastened into ceiling joists or wall studs with drywall screws, prior to the installation of drywall. With the FREE HANDS brackets securely fastened to ceiling joists, for example, a drywall panel can be lifted and slid into its desired location.

With the FREE HANDS brackets supporting the weight of the drywall panel, the installer can then secure the panel to the ceiling joists with drywall screws or nails. Similarly, the FREE HANDS drywall tool can be used to help hold drywall panels in place on wall studs while fastening them.

Though simple in design and construction FREE HANDS is a very useful drywall tool that is much more affordable than alternative drywall panel support tools. So for your next drywall installation project buy a couple pairs of the tool and give it a try. I think you’ll find it very helpful in saving money, and preventing the normal aches and pains that often come with drywall installation.

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