How to Replace Bifold Closet Doors

Tips for Installing Replacement Bifold Closet Doors

By Mark J. Donovan

The bifold closet door is one of the most ubiquitous doors used in home construction. Bifold doors are used in bedroom closets, bathroom closets, entryways and even as pantry doors. Due to the number of moving parts, bifold closet doors overtime can become damaged. Consequently it is not uncommon to have to replace bifold closet doors occasionally. Fortunately replacing bifold closet doors is an easy do-it-yourself project. For tools, all you will need is a Philips screw driver, drill and drill bit.

The first step in replacing bifold closet doors is to measure the old panel door width and height. In addition, measure the width of the door opening. With these measurements purchase a replacement set of bifold closet doors.

Removing Old Bifold Closet Doors

First remove the old bifold closet doors from their upper tracks and floor brackets. Usually you can lift up the doors and tilt the base of them outwards to slide them out of the upper tracks.

Set the old bifold closet doors aside and then remove the old door tracks and the floor brackets at the lower outside edges of the door opening.

Installing New Bifold Closet Doors

Begin by installing the metal track, or rail assembly along the top of the closet door opening using the screws provided with the doors. Make sure you center the track in the middle of the closet door opening. In addition, make sure one end of the track butts up against one of the sidewalls of the closet door opening. Note that the side of the track that mounts nearest the sidewall should have an adjustable plate with a hole in it. This plate assembly is where the bifold closet door will pivot on.

Now fasten the floor bracket to the floor and one of the sidewalls of the door opening. Again, use the screws that came with the new bifold doors.

Next, insert the dowels that came with the door into the predrilled holes on the bifold doors. Make sure you install the right dowels into the specific holes as specified in the bifold door instructions. One of the dowels will most likely have an adjustable end that is used for the bottom outside corner of the door. This particular dowel assembly allows you to adjust the height of the bifold closet door.

The other two dowels install in the top of the door to allow the bifold closet door to pivot and to slide within the track. One of the top dowels will most likely have a spring assembly included. This particular dowel should be placed in the top outside edge bifold door panel, as it will act as the pivot point for the door.

Once you have installed the tracks and floor brackets you are ready to install the replacement bifold closet doors. For best results, insert the top of the bifold door into the top track assembly and then slide the bottom of the door into the floor bracket. You can then adjust the position and height of the door by moving and turning the bottom adjustable dowel.

If you are installing two pairs of replacement closet doors within a door opening make sure they close together such that there is an even seam on both the outside edges and along the center of the door opening.

How to Install Bifold Closet Doors

Installing Replacement Bifold Close Door Hardware

Once the bifold closet doors have been installed you can then move on to install the door hardware, i.e. door knobs. If there are no pre-drilled pilot holes for the door knobs you will have to find the center point of the outer panels (top-to-bottom and side-to-side) to determine where to place the knobs.

Once you have marked the locations for the door knobs, drill pilot holes and then screw the door knobs onto the bifold doors using the screws that came with the doors.

Finally, if you are installing two pairs of replacement closet doors within a door opening, install the bifold closet door guide brackets. One bracket should be installed on each inside edge of the center door panels so that when the two pairs of bifold closet doors are closed they guide each other into a straight position. Ideally the brackets should be mounted on the inside edge of the bifold closet doors about 1 foot off of the floor.

And with that you have completed replacing your bifold closet doors.

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