Tightening Loose Door Hinges

How to Fix a Sagging Door via Tightening Loose Hinge Screws

By Mark J. Donovan

Over time a door hinge can become loose due to repeated use of the door. This can lead to the bottom of the door scraping along the floor, or the outer edge of the door sticking or binding in the door jamb. Also, a loose door hinge can frequently be observed by the door sagging, suddenly jamming, or simply not closing properly. When any of these situations are occurring, tightening a door hinge is all that is often required.

To check if there is a loose door hinge, grasp the door by the door lock and attempt to move the door up and down while looking at the door hinges. If you feel any play in the door and/or can see any movement at the door hinges, then the task of tightening door hinges is in order.

The first step to take when you suspect a loose door hinge is to use a Philips screw driver and try tightening any loose door hinge screws, both on the door frame and on the door.

Plan B for Tightening a Loose Door Hinge

If the door hinge screws continue to spin freely as you attempt to tighten them with the screwdriver, then they are stripped and you need to go to plan b.

Plan b requires removing the door from the door frame and taking off the hinge to the door and/or door frame, depending upon which screws are stripped. You can remove the door by simply tapping out the door hinge pins with a hammer and a thin screwdriver.

Once you have removed the door hinge, visit your local hardware store and purchase a length of wood dowel, preferably ¼” in diameter.

Next, use a drill and ¼” drill bit to drill out the stripped screw holes on the door frame and/or door. Then apply wood glue to a short length of dowel material and tap it into the hole with a hammer. Allow the glue to fully dry and then cut and/or sand the dowel flush with the door frame and/or door.

Next attach the door hinge back onto the door frame and/or door, making sure to tighten door hinge screws snugly, but not overdoing it. You may want to pre-drill a pilot hole into the wood dowels to enable the screws to go in more easily.

Finally mount the door onto the door frame hinges and reinsert the door hinge pins. If you completed all of the above outlined steps correctly there should be no more door sagging and the door should swing freely, and open and close properly.

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