How to Install Bifold Closet Doors – Installing Bifold Doors

Bifold Door Installation Made Easy

By Mark J. Donovan

One of the most common closet doors is the bifold door. Recently I installed a couple of raised panel bifold closet doors and found the task straightforward to do.

The installation of bifold doors is something any Do It Yourself homeowner can do.

Described below are how to instructions on bifold door installation. The instructions are for any size bifold door dimensions. 

Common bifold door sizes are 12 inch bifold doors, 18 inch bifold doors, 24 inch bifold closet doors, 30 inch bifold doors, and 36 inch bifold closet doors.

Steps for installing Bifold Doors

First, the bifold closet door opening should be trimmed out prior to installing the bifold doors.  The finished opening for bifold doors involves the fastening of 1″ x N” trim boards to the bifold door rough opening 2×4 framing studs.

The trim usually consists of 1”x5” boards nailed to the 2”x4”s and then trimmed our around the edges with some type of colonial casing window or door trim.

Measure and Purchase your Bifold Doors

Measure the bifold closet door finished opening (height and width) and hold onto these dimensions.

Next visit your local home improvement store and purchase the appropriate number of bifold doors you need for the closet. In many cases you will need two doors. 

How to Install Bifold Closet Doors

Select doors such that there combined width is 1 inch less than the closet door opening. Also, select a door height that is 1-2” shorter than the height of your closet door opening.

Step by Step Instructions for How to Install Bifold Doors

Install Metal Rail Assembly of Bifold Closet Door

Included in each bifold door package should be a long metal rail assembly. Secure this rail to the top of the closet door opening using the screws supplied. Note a screw gun, such as the DEWALT DC520KA Heavy Duty 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Drywall/Deck Screwdriver Kit, can come in handy when installing bifold doors. It will dramatically speed up the installation and save your wrist and elbow.

The rail should be centered in the middle of the closet door opening and one of its ends should butt up against one of the sidewalls of the closet. Note that the side of the rail that mounts nearest the sidewall should have an adjustable plate with a hole in it. This is where the closet door will hinge on.
Install Bifold Door Floor Bracket

Next install the floor bracket such that it rests up against one of the sidewalls. Use the screws that came in the door packaging. The floor bracket will have a saw toothed cut out that should rest on the floor.

Once you have trimmed the bottom edges of the side door jambs you can separate the prehung door into two halves. One half includes the door itself along with casing trim.

Do not disengage the prehung door from this section of casing trim. The other half of the interior prehung door is simply a door casing trim frame.

Position the prehung door and casing section into the door opening. 

Make sure you center the door in the opening. Examine the prehung door trim to see how it sits along the drywall surface.

Also make sure to check the top of the door. If you need to raise the door up a little, place a shim underneath the hinge side door jamb.

Insert Dowels into the predrilled holes on the Bifold Closet Door

Insert the plastic dowels into the predrilled holes on the Bifold closet Door. Note that there are three holes in the bifold door and that there are specific dowels for each hole.

One of the plastic dowels should have a screw assembly that can be turned. This dowel should be placed on the bottom of the bifold door to the side nearest the wall. The screw will allow you to adjust the height of the door.

Another dowel will simply be a plastic rod of approximately 2 inches in length. This dowel should be mounted into the top of the bifold door furthest from the hinged area.

Finally, there should be a dowel that has a spring assembly in it. This dowel should mount in the top of the bifold door nearest the closet sidewall.

Installing Bifold Door

With all the rails, brackets and dowels in place, install the door into the rail and bracket assemblies.

It works best if you insert the top of the door into the rail assembly and then slide the bottom of the door into the bracket assembly. Note that the spring-loaded dowel should be inserted into the hole located in the plate assembly of the rail.

Adjust the Height and Location of the Bifold Closet Door

If the door needs to be raised or lowered, simply adjust the bottom dowel with the screw assembly by turning the screw.

If two doors are required to enclose the closet door area, then you may need to shift the doors horizontally. You can do this by adjusting the plate assembly in the top rail and by shifting the bottom screwed dowel in the bracket assembly.

Installing Bifold Closet Door Hardware

After the Doors have been installed and adjusted it is time to add the doorknobs. If the doors do not come with the holes pre-marked or drilled, then you will need to find the center point of the panel furthest from the sidewall.

Once the center point has been found and marked, drill an appropriate hole to enable the doorknob screw to slide through. The doorknob should screw onto the doorknob screw.

Note, that when finding the center point of the door, you will have to measure the height and width of the door to calculate the center point.

Install Bifold Door Guide Brackets

When installing two bifold closet doors, you may want to install Bifold Door Guide Brackets. One bracket is installed on the inside of each door such that when the doors close the to Guide brackets interlock with each other. These guide brackets help ensure that the bifold closet doors stay flush when closed. The brackets should be mounted about 1 foot off of the floor.

With the guide brackets in place you have completed your bifold door installation project.

For information on how to install interior door trim, see the “Installing Interior Door Trim” eBook from  The “Installing Interior Door Trim” eBook provides step-by-step instructions on how to install interior door trim. Pictures are included for every key step in the process.

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