Buy the Best Garage Door Opener You Can Afford

Invest in a Quality Garage Door Opener to Save Time and Money Down the Road

By Mark J. Donovan

When shopping for garage door openers make sure to buy the best garage door opener you can afford. Buying the best garage door opener you can is the best insurance you can give yourself against having to go out and buy and install another one 5 years later. I made that mistake once, and never again.

The first garage door opener I bought was 22 years ago, and it’s still running today. It is a chain drive garage door opener with a ¾ horsepower motor. Years later I bought a second chain driven garage door opener with only a ½ horsepower motor.

Five years later the motor had failed and I found myself forking out another $179 for a new one. So buy the best garage door opener you can and save yourself a hassle and expense down the road.

When it comes to buying a garage door opener it’s also important to select the right one for your type of garage door, and its location relative to the rest of the home. Though a chain drive garage door opener is quite durable it can be loud, so it may not be the best garage door opener choice if the garage door is located underneath an upper level bedroom.

A belt drive garage door opener may be a better alternative in that case. However, keep in mind that belt drive garage door openers tend to wear out fast and usually do not offer the same power as a chain drive or screw drive garage door opener.

Speaking of screw drive garage door openers, these types of garage door openers also have some power and are a bit quieter than chain drive garage door openers.

With screw drive garage door openers a threaded screw assembly slides along a long metal shaft. Attached to the shaft is a lifting arm that is also attached to the garage door. As the threaded screw assembly slides along the shaft it opens and closes the garage door.

As an alternative to garage door openers, you can also consider buying a motorized roller garage door. A roller garage door is a curtain style door that rolls up into a spindle assembly located above the garage door.

 Garage Door Opener

Purchasing a motorized version of this type of garage door kills to birds with one stone, as it serves both as a garage door and a garage door opener.

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