Wet Crawl Space

How to Eliminate a Wet Crawl Space

By Mark J. Donovan

A wet crawl space is caused by high moisture content in the soil in and around the crawl space. To eliminate a wet crawl space a perimeter drain and a vapor barrier should be installed around and in the crawl space, respectively. Additionally, make sure that crawl space vents are installed in the crawl space to allow good air flow.

To eliminate a wet crawl space start by installing a perimeter drain system.

To install a perimeter drain, you will need to dig a trench around the outside crawl space foundation walls down to the footing level.

You will then need to install crushed stone and a PVC drain piping system around the outside of the crawl space foundation walls. The PVC drain system should be assembled such that ground water is drained away from the home’s crawl space foundation to a low area in the yard.

After installing the PVC drain system, additional crushed stone should be installed on top of the PVC piping. Finally, gravel and topsoil should be used to cover the perimeter drain system, and the soil graded off in such a way that surface water will drain away from the home and crawl space foundation.

Inside the crawl space, a vapor barrier, a.k.a. vapor retarder, should be installed on the floor of the crawl space. This can be done by simply laying a large sheet of 6 mil polyethylene plastic onto the crawl space floor.

Make sure the plastic laps up the sides of the crawl space walls by at least 12 inches and that it is securely sealed to the crawl space walls with duct tape.

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Finally use some bricks, 2x4s or a layer of sand to hold the crawl space vapor barrier in place on the crawl space floor.

Finally, make sure there are crawl space vents installed in the crawl space to allow adequate air flow in the crawl space.

With these three steps taken, your wet crawl space should be history.

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