Minimum Bathroom Square Footage Requirements

How Much Bathroom Square Footage Required for Different Bathroom Types

By Mark J. Donovan

If you’re designing a new house or home addition and want to include a bathroom or powder room in the plans keep these following bathroom square footage guidelines in mind.

Powder Room Square Footage

A powder room, which consists of a toilet and sink only, can be accomplished in as little as 15 square feet. This said to avoid family and friends experiencing claustrophobia when visiting your powder room I would suggest a minimum of 16 square feet. 

For the sink, consider either a wall mounted sink or a pedestal sink. 

Though neither will afford any real counter space, each provide the necessary function required of a powder room.

Three Quarters Bathroom Square Footage

If your bathroom plans include a three quarter bathroom, which consists of a toilet, sink and shower unit only, you’ll need an additional nine square feet to accommodate a 3×3 square foot shower unit. You might be able to reduce the area of the bathroom by another 1 or 2 square feet if you use a corner shower unit, however, corner shower units can be very tight. Stand in a corner shower unit at a bathroom and plumbing store before electing to go with one in your bathroom design.

Full Bathroom Square Footage

For a full bathroom, which includes a toilet, sink, and shower/tub unit, you’ll need around 40 square feet of space, e.g. 5’x8’.

With this amount of space you should be able to include a small bathroom vanity for the sink to provide a little storage space. Also, If you want to include a small bathroom closet in a full bathroom design, then you’ll need another 4 square feet of space in the plans.

Bathroom remodeling

Also when designing your bathroom consider where you’ll install bathroom towel racks or towel rings, and toilet paper holders.

Towel rings require the least amount of horizontal wall space and are ideal for powder rooms. However, a three quarters or full bathroom will typically need either a single towel rack with two rods or two separate towel racks.

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