How to Install a Bathtub Insert Correctly

How to Restore the Original Beauty of Your Bathtub by Installing a Bathtub Insert

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing a bathtub insert is a great alternative to replacing an old bathtub outright. If your bathtub is chipped, scratched or gouged and you would love to replace it but can’t afford the high cost consider installing a bathtub insert. Bathtub inserts are designed to fit perfectly over an existing tub to provide that new look finish, and most importantly, with a lot less cost and hassles. With some silicone caulk, along with a minimal amount of tools and bolts, installing a bathtub insert is relatively straight forward. In just one day you can effectively restore your bathtub to new by installing a bathtub insert.

When buying a bathtub insert look for units that are manufactured using gel coat fiberglass, and that have a non-slip surface. Also look for a unit that has a long warranty.

After buying a bathtub insert, the first thing you’ll want to do in regards to installing it is to test fit it in your existing bathtub. It should effectively fit like a glove.

Once you’ve confirmed it fits well remove it from the existing bathtub. Then clean the old bathtub thoroughly using a non-abrasive cleaner. After thoroughly cleaning the bathtub dry it extremely well. Leaving water in the tub, even a minute amount, could cause the bathtub insert not to be installed correctly and could eventually lead to it being damaged.

After cleaning and drying the tub thoroughly, apply a wide bead of silicone caulk around the upper shower drain area and around the drain in the base of the old bathtub. The bead of caulk should be approximately 0.5 inches thick.

Also apply silicone caulk to the specific areas specified by the bathtub insert manufacturer. Normally you’ll need to run additional bead caulk lines along all seams, near the floor of the existing bathtub, and along the back and side edges of the bathtub insert area.

Next, very carefully place the bathtub insert into the old bathtub. Once you’ve installed the bathtub insert into the existing bathtub.

Fill the new bathtub insert with water. The water will help to evenly apply pressure to the bathtub insert walls and floor to ensure a snug fit. Leave the water in the bathtub until the silicone caulk has set up.

After the silicone caulk has fully cured drain the water from the bathtub and gently clean the surface of the new bathtub. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaning solution so as not to scratch the beautiful finish of the bathtub insert.

Once you’ve cleaned your newly installed bathtub insert you’re ready to use your renovated bathtub.

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