Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors are a Brilliant Alternative to the Outdated Shower Curtain

By Mark J. Donovan

If you’re remodeling your bathroom make sure to consider spending the extra money on a glass shower door. Glass shower doors can help to transform an otherwise commonplace bathroom into a unique and modern space. In particular, today’s frameless glass shower doors can provide a stunning look in your bathroom. Also, unlike the conventional shower curtain, glass shower doors are also perfect for keeping your bathroom and shower area light and bright.

Although for many people a simple and basic bathroom design is all that is necessary, glass shower doors can also serve this demographic as well. Cleaning glass shower doors is a breeze.

Simply wipe them down with a cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution and you’re done. Compare that effort and expense on the other hand to having to clean or replace an old yucked up and scummy shower curtain. Similarly old styled framed glass shower doors are a pain to clean. Dirt and soap build up in the tracks is nearly impossible to entirely remove.

If you have a large bathroom you may want to consider installing a large and separate shower area that includes both the shower stall and a separate bathtub. Again, frameless glass shower doors work best in this type of application as they can provide an effectively transparent but waterproof barrier between the shower / tub area and the rest of the bathroom. The glass shower doors also can vary in color, shape and style, to provide gorgeous unique structures. Glass shower doors are often custom designed for a bathroom so there is virtually no limit in design considerations.

Glass shower door makers can even integrate unique glass pattern pieces into the doors to give your shower doors an absolutely stunning look.

Frameless glass shower door

In addition, there is a plethora of handle and hinge hardware to choose from to spice up the glass shower door design. If you’re on a tighter bathroom remodeling budget and your shower area is of a standard size you can also buy off-the-shelf standard glass doors.

If you have a smaller bathroom glass shower doors are a perfect solution for making the bathroom feel larger than it is. Sliding glass shower doors may, however, be more appropriate in a smaller bathroom footprint. Again, custom glass pieces can be integrated into the shower door glass to give even a small bathroom a unique and charming look.

Glass shower doors can also be purchased or fabricated using a variety of glass colors, shades and tints. You can also buy glass shower doors with either clear or frosted glass for providing extra privacy.

From a safety perspective, glass shower doors are designed such that in the event they are broken for any reason, the glass crumbles into thousands of small pieces thus preventing major cuts or harm to anyone.

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To ensure your glass shower doors maintain their brilliance it is best to wipe down the glass after every use of the shower. This will help to remove soap and prevent mineral build up and water stains from showing up on the glass.

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