Corner Shower Stall Installation

How to Install a Corner Shower Stall and Shower Door Enclosure

By Mark J. Donovan

Corner shower stalls are ideal for smaller bathrooms. They are also perfect for large bathrooms where there is a desire for a Jacuzzi tub and a separate shower unit. Corner shower stall units are meant specifically to maximize limited bathroom floor space. Prefab fiberglass corner shower stalls or corner shower pans typically come in triangular shapes, but can also be found in quarter-round footprints as well. Custom ceramic tile showers used in corner applications are often designed with triangle, square or rectangular footprints.

Besides utilizing less floor space, prefab corner shower stall enclosures are much less expensive than full tub/shower units.

Also, due to the fact that they are smaller, they are easier to handle and install when doing a bathroom remodeling project. Often it is impossible to carry in and install a combination tub shower unit into an existing home due to door and hall width limitations.

Corner Shower Stall Installation

Corner shower stall installation is fairly straight forward, particularly if installing a prefab fiberglass corner shower stall unit. Prefab fiberglass corner shower stall units can come as one complete assembly including the base and side walls, or it can come in sections. Sectional ones include a separate triangular shaped corner shower pan base and sidewalls. Each type of corner shower unit comes with predrilled holes for the drain and plumbing fixtures.

Frameless glass shower door in a corner shower area.

Note: It is important to make sure you have communicated to the plumber the specific location and hole openings for the particular corner shower stall you plan on installing, so that the plumber can properly rough in the drain and plumbing fixture assemblies before installing the corner shower unit.

The first step in installing a corner shower stall is to install the drain assembly hardware to the base of the corner shower pan unit and connect the drain pipe to it. Typically there is a rubber compression fitting associated with the drain assembly hardware that is slid over the drain pipe to create a leak free seal. The corner shower pan unit is then fastened to the stud walls with the appropriate clips or corrosive resistant screws that come with the corner shower pan kit.

Next the sidewalls are attached to the wall studs and over the corner shower pan base using the fasteners included in the kit, or corrosive resistant screws. Make sure to apply a bead of bathroom silicone caulk at the seams where the side walls lap over the corner shower stall base and between adjacent sidewalls. This will help to ensure a leak free corner shower stall.

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After installing the corner shower pan base and back walls, mount the plumbing fixtures onto the wall. You may need to call in your plumber to do this portion of the project. Make sure to apply a bathroom caulk and sealer around the fixtures to prevent leakage behind the shower stall.

Installing Shower Door Enclosure to Corner Shower Unit

After mounting the plumbing fixtures to the corner shower stall, it’s now time to install the shower door enclosure unit. Typically framed shower door enclosures are used with prefab fiberglass corner shower stall units. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the shower door enclosure. The typical process in installing a framed shower door enclosure, however, involves centering and mounting the bottom, side and top frame plates to the shower unit walls and base, and then installing the glass shower door panels. Lastly, a bead of bathroom silicone caulk is applied around all the seams.

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