Repairing Clogged Showerhead

Two Easy Methods for Repairing a Clogged Showerhead

By Mark J. Donovan

Over time showerheads can become clogged due to mineral deposits in the water. You can tell you have a clogged showerhead if some of the jets are not outputting water or the showerhead water pressure is low. To attempt to quickly repair a clogged showerhead all you need is a couple of toothpicks.

For a quick clogged showerhead repair job use a toothpick to remove the mineral deposits from the individual clogged showerhead jets. If the toothpick approach does not resolve your clogged showerhead problem, then you will need a few additional tools: a pair of adjustable pliers, Teflon plumbers tape, masking tape, a small bucket, a hard bristle brush, and vinegar.


First wrap some masking tape around the jaws of the adjustable pliers. This will help to protect the showerhead finish.

Next, use the adjustable pliers to unscrew the showerhead fixture from the shower pipe.

Fill the small bucket with vinegar to a sufficient enough level that you can fully submerse the showerhead.

Soak the clogged showerhead in the vinegar solution and use the bristle brush to scrub the showerhead jets.

To install the showerhead back onto the shower pipe, first apply Teflon tape to the shower pipe threads. Make sure you apply several wraps of Teflon tape around the shower pipe threads, and that you wrap it in a clockwise direction.

Repairing a clogged shower head.

The Teflon tape will help to prevent any leaks around the showerhead.

Screw on the showerhead, and gently tighten it with the adjustable pliers.

With any luck your clogged showerhead should be a thing of the past.

If in the event it is not, then you may want to replace the clogged showerhead with a new one.

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