Bathroom Ventilation

Ventilating a Bathroom is Important for Preventing Mold, Mildew and Moisture Damage

By Mark J. Donovan

The lack of proper bathroom ventilation ultimately leads to mold and mildew damage in the bathroom. Also, mold and mildew growth expose your family to health risks. In addition to the mold and mildew concerns, an unventilated bathroom also presents other problems such as harboring unpleasant odors and dampness. In situations where bathrooms include wallpaper, the dampness can actually cause the wallpaper to literally peel away from the walls.

Bathroom Ventilation Options

The most common methods of bathroom ventilation include a bathroom exhaust fan, and a window. Bathroom exhaust fans are available in a plethora of styles and sizes with various air movement capacities expressed in linear feet per minute.

Bathroom ceiling fans also are available with built in lights to provide overhead lighting. Make sure to select a bathroom ceiling fan that is appropriate for your size bathroom.

It is imperative to vent a bathroom ceiling fan to the outside of the home, be it via the roof or the side of the home. Venting a bathroom exhaust fan to an attic is insufficient, as it will inevitably lead to moisture problems in the attic. So when purchasing a bathroom ceiling fan also make sure to pick up a bathroom exhaust fan vent and associated ductwork. Also, when installing the bathroom exhaust fan and duct work, minimize the turns in the ductwork so that moist air can quickly and easily exit the bathroom. By minimizing the number of bends in the ductwork the risk of condensation and corrosion in the ductwork are reduced. Bathroom ventilation using a bathroom exhaust fan.


Once a bathroom ceiling fan has been installed it should be maintained every 6 months or so to remove dust build up. Dust build up can trap moisture and cause damage to the fan. Make sure power is turned off to the bathroom exhaust fan before cleaning it.

In addition to a bathroom ceiling fan, the inclusion of a bathroom window in the design of a bathroom floorplan is also a smart choice. Besides providing another means of ventilating a bathroom, a bathroom window also lets in sunlight that can help to retard the growth of mold and mildew.

So make sure there is proper bathroom ventilation in your bathroom. Your home, as well as your family, will appreciate the benefits of it.

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