Industrial Look Basement Ceilings

Industrial Look Basement Ceilings – An alternative to Drywall and Dropped Ceiling Tiles

By Mark J. Donovan

If you are in the process of planning a basement remodeling project then no doubt the question on what to do with your basement ceiling has come up. Usually there are two trains of thought when considering what to do with basement ceilings; either hang a dropped ceiling, or apply furring strips to the first floor floor-joists and hang drywall.

There is another choice however that is gaining popularity today. It is known as the industrial look basement ceiling. 

The industrial look basement ceiling is a great alternative for basement ceilings where there is limited ceiling height in the basement.

The industrial look basement ceiling involves simply painting the basement ceiling as is, including the pipes, duct work, floor joists, wiring and first floor subfloor.

The Industrial look basement ceiling is ideal for the basement ceiling situation where there is limited ceiling height and budget to install either a drywall basement ceiling or a dropped tile ceiling.
The industrial look basement ceiling is frequently used in the reclamation of older industrial buildings.Very often you will find office space and upscale restaurants in these old restored buildings with industrial ceilings.Before you move forward installing an industrial look basement ceiling, it is important that you first check with a home inspector, building inspector and/or your contractor. Certain items on the basement ceiling may not be able to be painted or require certain types of paints.
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For example, heated duct work may not be capable of being painted, or at a minimum require a certain type of paint to prevent the paint from either giving off odors or bubbling

Industrial Look Basement Ceiling – Site Preparation

Once you know what can and can not be painted, it is important that you fully clean the basement ceiling before spraying on paint. Note that it is important that anything that is to be painted on the basement ceiling should be free of dust; or else the paint will not stick.

Industrial Look Basement Ceiling – Priming and Painting

Once the as-is basement ceiling is clean, spray on a primer to the basement ceiling.

Industrial Ceiling for Basement Ceiling

Next, apply one or two coats of finished paint to the basement ceiling and you are done. You now have an industrial look basement ceiling.

Note that lighter colors will give the room a brighter look and the perception that the ceiling height is higher than it really is.

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