Attic Stair Maintenance

Keep your Attic Stairs Properly and Regularly Maintained

By Mark J. Donovan

Attic stairs are extremely useful, particularly during the holiday seasons, however we have a tendency to close them up and never look at them again until we need to make another trip to the attic.

The unfortunate consequences of this action is that over the years attic stairs have a tendency to break down, loosen up, and sometimes practically fall apart.

As a result, it is important that attic stair maintenance be performed on a periodic basis, and quite honestly you should do a quick inspection every time you go up into the attic.

Attic Stair Maintenance Checkpoints

First and foremost, check the treads before you step on them. Make sure they are not broken or separating away from the side rails. If the treads are metal, make sure that they have not bent of deformed in anyway.

Second, check the mounting screws that hold the attic stair frame into the framed in attic opening. Also check the mounting brackets that hold the retractable stair ladder to the attic door. Due to the fact that there are high temperature swings in the attic, it is possible that over time the screws that hold the brackets to the side frames could loosen and become a danger to you.

Third, check the joint areas of the attic stairs. These can weaken over time due to overuse. There are weight limits set for attic stairs, and unfortunately we have a tendency to forget this fact when we bring boxes of books up into the attic.

In particular take care to examine all hinges and bolts to make sure they are working freely and not deformed in anyway.

If small repairs are required, do not procrastinate. Make repairs to the attic stairs as you uncover problems. This way you won’t forget about them and wind up hurting yourself the next time you pull the attic stairs down.

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