Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar Powered Attic Fans are Cost Effective for Keeping Your Attic Cool and Dry

By Mark J. Donovan

Solar powered attic fans are an alternative energy roof ventilation solution that protects your home, saves money and helps the environment. A solar attic fan is comprised of an attic fan with a small solar panel attached to the top of it that converts sun energy into direct current (DC) electrical power to rotate the fan blades. Most solar powered attic fans have a built in temperature sensor or an adjustable thermostat to switch off the fan motor when the attic reaches a specified temperature.

Like any other type of roof ventilation system, solar powered attic fans help reduce attic heat build-up in the summer and moisture in the winter.

Attic temperatures can easily reach in excess of 150o Fahrenheit during summer months. By eliminating attic heat build-up, air conditioning systems don’t have to operate as long to cool off the living areas of a home, and the lifespan of roof shingles can be significantly extended. By eliminating attic moisture, solar powered attic fans reduce the risk of condensation and dangerous mold and mildew growth in the attic.

Due to the fact that solar powered attic fans are powered by Mother Nature they require no electricity to operate. In addition, they also qualify for a 30% IRS federal tax credit and up to $200 in local utility rebates.
Solar powered attic fans can be mounted on asphalt shingled roofs and wood shake roofs, and because they require no electrical wiring they are easier to install than other types of powered roof ventilation solutions. A typical solar powered attic fan can ventilate in excess of 1000 square feet of attic space.Depending upon the size of your attic you may need more than one fan to properly vent it. Some solar powered attic fans have an adjustable solar panel array so that they can achieve maximum sun exposure and power. On some models they can generate up to 10 watts of power to drive the fan blades.

Solar Attic Fan 36-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty – Florida Rated

Solar powered attic fan installation is straight forward and can be done by the moderately skilled do it yourself homeowner. Alternatively solar powered attic fan manufacturers and retailers can refer you to a certified installer in your local area.

A product similar to the solar powered attic fan is the all purpose solar powered ventilator system. It can be installed in both attics and crawl spaces. With an all purpose ventilator fan system, the ventilator fan itself can be installed in the attic or crawl space and the solar power unit that drives it can be located remotely. With a solar powered ventilator fan system, existing roof vents can be replaced with the solar powered ventilator fan so no additional holes need to be cut into the roof.

Solar powered attic fans are an ideal solution for attic and roof ventilation. They protect your home and the environment, are easy to install, and save on your electric utility bills in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that when looking for green building solutions.

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