Attic Door Insulation

Save on Home Heating Bills with Proper Attic Door Insulation

By Mark J. Donovan

Attic doors are notoriously drafty. For many homes with attic doors, a significant amount of heat loss occurs every winter due to insufficient attic door insulation. The sad fact however, is that it costs very little time and money to install attic door insulation, yet many folks do not seem to realize this or care. To give them the benefit of the doubt, for most homeowners the attic door is out-of-site and thus effectively out-of-mind. This said, since you are reading this article, you must be considering installing attic door insulation and therefore hats-off to you.

The least expensive attic door insulation that you can install is weather stripping along the inside perimeter edge of the attic door trim.

Most of the time attic doors do not seal tightly against the attic door trim and consequently a significant amount of heat is lost to the attic. By installing weather stripping along the inside perimeter edge of the attic door trim you can eliminate cold attic drafts and reduce heat loss.

Another excellent attic door insulation technique is to install an attic door insulation cover that sits over the attic door. You can construct you own attic door insulation cover using rigid foam insulation and some foil tape, or you can purchase a pre-made attic insulation tent.

To build your own homemade attic door insulation cover, simply construct a rigid foam insulation frame. By first taking some measurements of the attic door frame, and then cutting and taping together sections of rigid foam, you can quickly create an attic door insulation frame. Cut a rigid foam insulation door cover to sit on top of the rigid foam insulation frame and tape it along one side of the frame.

Finally, lay the completed attic door insulation cover over the attic door frame and attach to the attic floor with foil tape. It’s that simple and the material will cost you about $20.

If you want an even more tightly sealed and insulated attic door insulation cover then measure the rough opening of your attic door, and purchase the appropriate size attic tent. Attic tents do an excellent job of sealing and insulating an attic door, however they are more expensive than making your own.

So save on this winter’s home heating bills by going up into your attic and installing some weather stripping and an attic door insulation cover.

Your efforts and money spent will be recouped in less than a year and your home will feel much more comfortable.

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