Tree Stump Removal

Techniques for Removing Tree Stumps

By Mark J. Donovan

Tree stump removal is hard work, particularly if you are using just your hands and a shovel, axe and/or pickax. However there are a couple of other tree stump removal options that won’t break your back. In addition, not all tree stumps are created equal. Where a hand tool maybe the best option for one type of tree, a stump grinder maybe preferred for another. Pine trees, for example, have wide shallow roots and thus their root system can frequently be removed with just hand tools.

Hardwood trees, on the other hand, such as Oak trees, have much deeper roots, thus it is usually wiser to go with a stump grinder or other tree stump removal method.

Removing Tree Stump By Hand

To remove a tree stump by hand, dig around the perimeter of the stump so that you expose all of the side shoot roots. Use an ax or a pair of clippers, to cut the side shoots roots. Next use your shovel or pickaxe to lift up under the base of the tree stump to pry it out of the ground. If it does not lift out, you may need to dig deeper to expose additional side roots.

Tree Stump Removal – Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that literally chews through the stump. It is a gas powered piece of equipment and has carbide tip blades that when pressed down on the stump literally grind up the stump. Typically you can get down 6-10 inches below the grade of soil with a stump grinder, so that you can cover the remnants of the stump with loam.

Tree Stump Removal – Using Fire

Another way to remove a tree stump is to build a fire on top of it. This technique works fairly well, at least well enough to allow you to cover the remnants of the tree stump with loam.

Tree Stump Removal – Special Chemicals

There are some special chemicals that you can buy that accelerate the decay of a tree stump. You simply drill many holes into the top of the tree stump and pour the chemical into the holes.

This process, however, is not extremely fast and thus is not very ideal for most folks looking to put in a lawn.

Tree stump removal Tree stump removed.


Tree Stump Removal – Use of Heavy Equipment

If you are having a lot cleared, then you may want to have a backhoe come in and literally dig and pull out the tree stumps. Though the rental of a backhoe is not cheap and neat, it is fast when it comes to tree stump removal.

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