Plastic Garden Fencing

A Low Cost Fencing Garden Fencing Material that is Easy to Install, is Aesthetically Attractive and Serves its Purpose

By Mark J. Donovan

With warmer days now upon us I recently visited my backyard to contemplate my garden for this year’s planting. I was debating putting in plastic garden fencing.

As I looked at the garden I couldn’t help focusing on the bent up wire garden fence and the faded and broken tomato stakes that held it up.

To be honest, it was an eye sore, but it had served its purpose. 

It had kept the local woodchucks out of the garden for the past several years.

However as I looked at the garden, I decided that this year I would tear out the old garden fence and replace it with a new one, a plastic garden fence, that is more aesthetically appealing, easier to install, and fully functional. 

And when I say functional, again I mean the ability to hold at bay the woodchucks with their voracious appetites.

Due to my fiscally conservative nature I decided to install an inexpensive 36 inch high plastic garden fence. I chose this type of garden fencing due to its low cost, ease of installation, and affordability.

Plastic garden fencing is an inexpensive solution for keeping out small animals.

I have a hard time justifying installing a garden fence that is a factor of two more expensive than the money I will save by not having to purchase my own fresh vegetables.

In addition to using the new plastic garden fencing, with 1 inch wide holes, I decided to purchase 3.5 feet high green metal stakes. The wooden tomato stakes always wind up rotting and breaking at the base after just a couple of garden seasons.

The plastic garden fencing installation went quickly and without a great deal of hassle. I started by pounding the metal stakes into the ground. I spaced them about 5 feet apart around the perimeter of the garden.

Next, I unrolled the plastic garden fencing and attached it to the metal posts. The metal posts have small metal tabs on them that enable the garden fencing to attach to them. You simply bend over the tabs to hold the garden fencing to the metal stakes.

Though the metal tabs somewhat held the garden fencing in place, due to uneven spacing not all of the tabs could be used on a stake to adequately secure the garden fencing to it.

Thus, I additionally used 4 inch long tie-wraps to make sure the garden fencing was held securely to the garden stakes.

In addition, I chose not to bury the base of the fence this time. 

Typically I would bury my metal garden fences about 6 inches into the ground to prevent the woodchucks from burrowing under the fence.

This time however, I chose to have the fence sit only 30” high and have the bottom of the fence folded outwards from the garden. My hope is that the wide flared out fence tab will create a sufficient of enough deterrent to the woodchucks to prevent them from digging or scooting under the fence.

One of the benefits I see in this type of garden fencing is that I can easily take it down at the end of the season and roll it up tightly and store it away. With metal garden fencing material it is impossible to roll up the fencing. It is awkward to roll and once bent it is almost impossible to shape back into a useable condition.

So with my new and more attractive garden fencing installed, I will keep my fingers crossed that I keep out the woodchucks this gardening season.

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