Control Garden Weeds with Landscape Fabric

Landscaping Fabric is a great tool for Preventing Weeds in your Garden

By Mark J. Donovan

I love gardening. I’ve grown a vegetable garden every summer for the past 35 years. Before that, I helped my father maintain his. Nothing beats eating a fresh tomato or cucumber from the garden on a warm July evening. Similarly, a plate of fresh green beans off the garden is heaven. The beans nearly melt in your mouth as you savor their fresh and tender flavor. I honestly can’t imagine not having a vegetable garden.

Growing and maintaining a garden takes some work, however. But I enjoy the opportunity of being outside and smelling the light summer breezes as I work in my garden.

About the only thing I dislike about maintaining a garden is keeping up with the weeds. Fortunately a lot has changed since I started gardening years ago. Controlling garden weeds is now much simpler thanks to landscape fabrics.

For the past decade I have used landscape fabric for growing various vegetables. For example, I plant my tomato and squash plants in a bed of soil that I first cover with landscape fabric. The landscape fabric eliminates the need for me having to weed around these plants. Prior to using landscape fabric I’d have to weed my garden beds every few days.

Landscaping fabric also offers a couple of other benefits besides just controlling garden weeds. It is also helpful in keeping moisture locked in around the plants’ root systems. Moreover, it helps to keep the soil warmer. As a result, landscape fabric accelerates plant growth and vegetable production.

Besides tomatoes and squash, landscape fabric can also be used for growing other types of vegetables including, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and other types of plants that require individual planting.

Landscape fabric is also ideal for flower and shrubbery beds. If you plan to plant small shrubs around the exterior of your home’s foundation, use landscaping fabric as a base layer before covering it with mulch. You’ll retard weed growth and keep the mulch looking cleaner for longer.

So if you are a gardener or a homeowner with landscaping plans, make sure you stop in and visit your local gardening center and pick up a roll of landscaping fabric, or geotextiles. Landscaping fabric is relatively inexpensive and comes in 3 foot wide rolls ranging from 50 feet to 100 feet in length.

Landscape fabric for controlling weeds in garden.

You’ll thank yourself later on when you find yourself not needing to be spend time each week pulling weeds from the garden beds. Happy gardening!

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