Wood Replacement Window Installation

Key Tips for Installing Wood Window Replacements

By Mark J. Donovan

Over time wood windows fail for one reason or another. Weather, careless sash painting, and/or insects eventually make it so that the windows are inoperable. If your wood windows have become inoperable or damaged you may want to consider replacement windows. Replacement window installation is affordable and relatively easy to do. If you are not personally up to the task of installing replacement windows there are many companies that provide this service.

When installing wood window replacements it is important to measure the old windows properly and accurately. If not, you will end up buying replacement windows that will not fit your window sashes.

When measuring for replacement windows use a tape measure to measure from side-to-side on the inside window jamb. Make these measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the widow and record the narrowest measurement. This measurement is the width number you will use when ordering your replacement windows. You can always use shims to fill the wider openings. However, you cannot insert a window that is wider than the narrowest opening.

Next measure the height from the inside of the window sill (the top of the window sill) to the top of the window jamb (the bottom face). Again, measure both sides and the middle and record the shortest height. This is the height measurement you will use for ordering your replacement window.

You can also check to see if the window opening is square by measuring the diagonals from top to bottom of the window frame. You can also use your carpenters square.

Once you have purchased your wood window replacements it is best to paint them outside or in your garage as this enables a much cleaner paint job and prevents the need from you having to climb a ladder to paint the exterior edges.

To actually install the wood window replacements first start by removing the window stop moldings on the inside of the window sash. Note that you should first find out if lead paint was used on the windows, and if so you may want to contact a lead abatement company before installing the replacement windows.

The window stops are located on the sides of the window jambs. First use a utility knife to score along the edge of the window stop where it is in contact with the window jambs. This breaks the paint seal and helps for removing the window stop more easily.

You want to do this carefully using a pry bar and your hands. It is best to start in the middle and work your way outwards.

Once you have pulled the window stops out of the old window frame remove the nails with a pair of line pliers and literally pull them through the window stops from the back side. Do not use a hammer to pound the nails out the way they came in, as you will damage the wood quite severely.

After removing the window stops you can then easily pull out the old windows and install the new replacement windows.

Once the replacement windows have been inserted into the window jambs with the counterweights connected to them you can then reinstall the window stop moldings.

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Finally, use a little wood filler on the nail holes associated with the window stop molding and then repaint them.

If you need more help on choosing the right window replacement for your home, contact one of our pre-screened window installation contractors. They can help you select the replacement windows that are right for your home and budget, and perform the installation.

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