How to Stop Drafts from Leaky Windows

Six Low Cost and Easy to Install Solutions for Eliminating Drafts Caused by Windows and Doors

By Mark J. Donovan

Are the frigid cold temperatures causing your home to feel colder, and particularly more so on windy days and nights? If so, chances are you have leaky windows that are causing drafts in the house and allowing warm air to exit your home. Not only do drafty windows cause your home to feel uncomfortable, they also cause you to dig in deeper into your wall every month for paying home heating bills.

To determine if you have drafty windows simply place your hand near the window seams on a windy day. If you can feel a breeze, then you know you’ve found the source of your cold drafts.

If you can’t feel the slight breeze with your hand also try bringing a lit candle up near the window. As you bring the candle near the window edges observe the flame carefully.

If you see the flame flicker and bend suddenly as you bring the lit candle near the window, then you know that that particular window is one of the sources of the cold drafts.

The best solution for stopping drafts from leaky windows is to replace the old windows with new energy efficient ones. However, replacing windows is an expensive proposition, and if you are renting, replacing windows is simply not an option.

If replacing windows is not an option for you, fear not. There are other low cost solutions that you can do to stop the cold drafts in your home and reduce your home heating bills.

Use Draft Snakes

First, you can purchase draft snakes and lay them up against the window sill next to where the window sash closes. You can also use draft snakes around doors if you find your have leaky exterior doors as well.

Install Drapes

Install heavy drapes over the windows so that you can close them on windy days and nights.

The drapes will help to prevent the leaky windows from causing drafts to extend into the finished living space.

Install Interior Storm Windows

Another solution is to install interior storm windows. You can attach these to your windows from the inside, thus enabling you to resolve your could drafts in the middle of the winter without having to do any type of exterior window work.

Install Window and Door Weatherstripping

Foam weatherstripping is inexpensive and easy to install. Simply install it around the windows and doors, and long the seams where the windows and doors close.

Caulk Window Seam Cracks

Caulking window seam cracks does not have to be limited to the exterior of the window. If you see cracks around the interior of the window then apply a bead of caulk to seal them.

Install Plastic Shrink Kits

You can find these kits at any home improvement center. Simply apply the plastic films over the window frame and attach them to the window frame with tape. Then, use a hair dryer to shrink the plastic film to create a tight and wrinkle free seal.

As a cheaper alternative, and if you don’t mind seeing out the window, then use bubble wrap and tape to seal the window and stop the window drafts.

Installing a New Window Ebook

So take the necessary steps today to stop the cold drafts from entering your home. You and your family will feel more comfortable and you’ll save on home heating bills as well.

If you need more help on choosing the right window replacement for your home, contact one of our pre-screened window installation contractors. They can help you select the replacement windows that are right for your home and budget, and perform the installation.

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