Casement Windows vs Double Hung Windows

Casement Windows offer Key Advantages over Double Hung Windows

By Mark J. Donovan

Double hung windows and casement windows are very popular in residential home building. Both window styles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from a number of materials including wood, metal and vinyl. Each has their unique pros and cons, however in a head to head comparison between casement windows vs double hung windows I would say double hung windows win out. Certainly I see more double hung windows installed in new homes today than casement windows. 

This said, summarized below are the key advantages and disadvantages of installing casement windows.

Casement Windows vs Double Hung Windows and Air Flow

Casement windows, a.k.a. crank out windows, have a few key advantages over double hung windows. First, casement windows are hinged on the side and thus open sideways. As a result, casement windows actually open up more than double hung windows, thus allowing more air to enter the home. With double hung windows effectively only half of the overall window can ever be opened up.

In addition, because casement windows open up at acute angles to the home they can better capture breezes, like a ram vent, and therefore funnel more air into the home. On the contrary, only if a breeze is perpendicular to an open double hung window will a breeze enter the home.

Contrasting Breaking into Casement Windows vs Double Hung Windows

Because casement window locking mechanisms have a hooked system that is imbedded into the side of the window frame they are more difficult to break into, at least without having to break the window.

Breaking into double hung windows, on the other hand is much easier. All that is required is to slide a slim pry bar between the upper and lower window sashes and pull up on the locking mechanism until the locking screws give way.

Casement Windows versus Double Hung Windows and Cleaning

Cleaning casement windows can be a bit difficult, particularly if there are non-adjacent casement windows.

This said, if the casement window is opened to the appropriate angle, and the screen is removed, you can usually reach around to the outside of the window to clean it.

Cleaning the outside of double hung windows is typically easier to do, particularly if the double hung windows are constructed with a tilt in design on both sashes.

Installing a New Window Ebook

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Double Hung Window vs Casement Window Replacement

Double hung windows are typically easier to replace than casement windows. In many cases, double hung window sashes can be replaced without having to remove the old window frame. Casement windows on the other hand typically require the removal of the entire old window.

If you need more help on choosing the right window replacement for your home, contact one of our pre-screened window installation contractors. They can help you select the replacement windows that are right for your home and budget, and perform the installation.

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