Discovering Fiberglass Roofing Panels

Fiberglass Roof Panels offer Several Advantages over Other Roofing Products Including Cost and Ease of Installation

By Mark J. Donovan

Fiberglass roofing products include fiberglass corrugated roofing panels, flat roofing panels, 3-tab and architectural roofing shingles, and flat roofing membranes. Three of the main advantages of fiberglass roofing panels are that they are durable, very light weight, and inexpensive.

Consequently they last a long time, are easier to install than other roofing products, and more affordable than most other roofing products. They are also more fire retardant since they are made from glass fibers. Due to all of these key advantages it is no wonder why fiberglass roofing panels have become so popular since their introduction six decades ago.

Though fiberglass roofing products vary in shape, size and color, the fundamental construction of them is the same. Basically, they are fabricated via a process that involves the fusing together of random layers of fiberglass strands with urea formaldehyde resin. This process results in an extremely strong and malleable roofing product that can handle the harshest of weather environments.

Due to this unique manufacturing process, fiberglass roofing panels can be designed, formed, and cut into many different shapes, sizes, textures, and thicknesses. In addition, dies can be introduced into the manufacturing process to achieve a plethora of color options.

Also, due to the abundance of raw natural resources for making fiberglass, the cost of fiberglass roofing panels is much more affordable than other roofing panel solutions such as steel and copper.

Fiberglass roof panels

Fiberglass roofing panels are available in a number of styles for different applications. For barns, out-buildings, green houses, decks and patios, translucent or transparent corrugated fiberglass roofing panels are often used. For residential applications, tapered fiberglass roofing panels and those that resemble regular 3-tab shingles are commonly used.

If you’re interested in using fiberglass roofing panels on your home or building project it’s best to talk with a manufacturer of fiberglass panels to see what the best options are available to you.

Also, talk to your builder or roofing contractor to see what their experience has been with installing fiberglass roofing panels.

If you do decided to go with a fiberglass roofing panel for your construction project, I would highly recommend using a roofing contractor who has been properly trained and authorized by the specific fiberglass roofing manufacturer to ensure that it is installed correctly. The last thing you want is a leaky roof, or having roofing panels blow off your home during a wind storm.

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