Rockwell Reciprocating Saw Video

A Reciprocating Saw with Anti Vibration Technology that Enables Better Control and Cleaner Cuts

By Mark J. Donovan

Mark Donovan of reviews Rockwell’s reciprocating saw with active vibration canceling technology.

A reciprocating saw is a specialized saw designed for making difficult angled, positioned and sized cuts. A reciprocating saw is ideal for cutting all types of materials including wood, steel, and plastics. Reciprocating saws can even be used for cutting and pruning trees and shrubs.

Rockwell’s RK3637K reciprocating saw represents the latest in reciprocating saw technology. With other reciprocating saws, vibration is a real problem for making clean and accurate cuts.

With Rockwell’s Vibrafree Active Canceling Technology, vibration is nearly eliminated in its RK3637K reciprocating saw. Compared to conventional counterbalancing mechanisms, Rockwell’s Vibrafree technology reduces vibration by up to 70% in reciprocating saws.

In addition to its Vibrafree technology the RK3637K reciprocating saw provides a number of other key features.

  • Variable Speed Control from 0 to 3,000 Strokes per minute
  • Comfortable and safe pistol grip and upfront grip
  • Adjustable cut depth
  • Adjustable pivot foot plate
  • Tool free blade change system (no Allen Wrench required)
  • Onboard work-light
  • Orbital Pendulum Control Setting Switch for increased cutting efficiency
I tried the RK36367K in a number of applications and on different materials and found the reciprocating saw to live up to its advertisements in regards to the reduced vibration. It operated much smoother than any previous reciprocating saw that I have used in the past and as a result I was able to control it better and make more accurate cuts with it.

As with all power tools, it is important to read the user manual first and in particular understand the safety precautions. When using a reciprocating saw it is important to appreciate the fact that the blade is fully exposed and if not used properly could easily injure someone.

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When using a reciprocating saw always wear eye protection, and when necessary also wear hearing protection and a dust mask. Also, always unplug the reciprocating saw when adjusting it and replacing blades.

So if you are in the market for a new reciprocating saw, that is both rugged and state of the art, I would suggest looking no further than Rockwell’s reciprocating saw. It offers all of the features and power any DIY homeowner or building contractor would ever need. Disclosure Policy Statement.

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