Rockwell Tools Jawstand Video

Rockwell’s JawStand is a Rugged Portable Work support tool for those Do it Yourself Projects where another pair of Hands Could Come in Handy

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video, Mark Donovan of demonstrates Rockwell Power Tool’s JawStand, a portable work support tool. He also discusses the unique benefits of the tool and applications for it.

Rockwell Power Tool’s recently announced their new JawStand tool. The JawStand is a portable work support tool that comes already assembled and is ready to use in about 30 seconds. The JawStand is a flexible tool for helping out in a myriad of home improvement projects.

I recently had the chance to try one out, and as soon as I saw it I thought of half a dozen ways I could use it.

For me, one of the most common pain-in-the-neck chores I have to do on a jobsite is build up a couple of workhorses to create a temporary work table for my chop saw and table saw. With two Rockwell JawStands and a piece of ¾” plywood I can create a simple work surface in a matter of minutes.

Another useful application is when cutting a large piece of plywood or lumber with a table saw or chop saw. Frequently I find myself in these situations needing a spare pair of hands to hold the extended length of lumber while I make the cut. With a Rockwell JawStand I can simply place it underneath the extended length of plywood or lumber to support it while I make the cut.

Likewise, when cutting pipe I frequently find it difficult to hold the pipe steady while I try to make my cut. With an adjustable 1-3/4” jaw clamp I can secure most common size pipes into the JawStand and make a controlled and even cut.

The Rockwell portable work support JawStand is also useful for other home improvement projects such as supporting cabinets while they are being fastened to walls, and clamping items while they are being stained or painted.

The JawStand is also extremely flexible. Its tripod based stand can adjust in height from 25 to 41 inches with a twist of a knob. There is also a scale on the side of the support column for setting the proper height of the JawStand. In addition the jaw itself can swivel 360o and tilt up or down from 0 to 90o by simply adjusting two knobs. It also includes a bubble level on top of the stand and two low friction resting surfaces. Another neat feature is the wide foot pads at the base of each leg. Each foot pad has a hole in it to enable the JawStand to be securely fastened to a subfloor.

The Rockwell JawStand is also very compact and requires little storage space, unlike a wooden workhorse. It fold ups tightly and can be stored easily on a shelf or in the back of a work truck. It is also extremely light, weighing in at just 13.2 lbs, while at the same time very rugged in construction. It can support up to 220 lbs.

So if you are in need of another pair of do-it-yourself home improvement helping hands, check out Rockwell Power Tool’s JawStand. It is extremely flexible and affordable, and can be purchased online at Rockwell Tools and other website stores, as well as at various independent hardware stores and Sears.

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