TrustyMax Tools’ All-in-One GO-2 Socket Review Video

A Uniquely Adjustable Socket for Fast Removal of Rounded Nuts and Bolts

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of reviews TrustyMax Tools’ Go-2 Socket.

I recently received in the mail the GO-2 Socket from TrustyMax Tools and put it to practical use. The GO-2 Socket is a versatile 3/8” drive socket that supports up to 9 socket types and 25 different socket sizes: SAE 3/8” thru 25/32” and Metric 10mm thru 20mm.

Due to a unique adaptive gripping feature, the GO-2 Socket is particularly useful for quickly loosening nuts and bolts that have been rounded over.

In the past, when confronted with removing rounded nuts and bolts, I’ve typically turned to removing them with a pair of vice grips. I wasn’t always successful with this technique, because I could not get a strong enough grip on the head of the bolt or nut. In those particular cases I had to resort to the tedious process of drilling out the bolt altogether. Not fun!

The GO-2 Socket eliminates the need for resorting to either of these solutions for removing a rounded bolt or nut. And more importantly, it can remove them very fast and easy.

Simply turn a setscrew integrated into the GO-2 Socket to lock the rounded bolt or nut into the diamond shape opening of the socket. Then twist the ratchet to loosen and remove the nut or bolt. It’s that easy.

The GO-2 Socket is extremely strong due to its construction. The socket body is made of Chrome Vanadium steel and the setscrew is made from Chrome Molybdenum Alloy steel. With its rugged construction and adjustable 3-way vise grip, it has incredible gripping strength for even the toughest of situations. As a matter of fact, on TrustyMax Tools’ website they demonstrate the incredible torque strength of the GO-2 Socket by fastening it on the end of a length of rebar and then twisting it up like it was a piece of rope.

The amount of gripping strength is controlled by simply adjusting the tightness of the setscrew. In many cases a finger tight turn of the setscrew is all that is necessary to remove a rounded bolt. For additional torque strength, a pair of pliers or common screw driver can be used to further tighten the setscrew.

I have found the GO-2 socket to be particularly useful in removing the rusted bolt that holds the blade in place on my lawnmower and for removing the oil drain plug from my car. Oil drain plugs are notorious for having rounded edges due to frequent loosening and tightening.

One warning, the GO-2 socket is meant for use with hand tools only. They should not be used on power tools.

To conclude, whether for around the house or under the hood of your car, I highly recommend adding the multi-purpose GO-2 Socket to your toolbox. I found it to be extremely versatile and useful. Moreover, for only $14.99 at the time of this writing, it’s a cost effective alternative to buying separate and expensive SAE and Metric socket sets. You can purchase it online at TrustyMax Tools’ website.

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