Dremel Trio Model 6800 Review Video

The Dremel Trio is a Versatile Tool that Cuts, Routes, and Sands

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com reviews the Dremel Trio Model 6800 from Dremel.

The Dremel Trio is a highly versatile tool that cuts, sands and routes. It is ideal for cutting wood up to 1/2 inch thick, as well as thin metal, plastic and even ceramic tile. It’s also ergonomically designed with an articulating handle that allows the handle to be rotated 90 degrees in one of two positions. This neat feature allows the tool to be easily used in either a horizontal or vertical position.

The Dremel Trio is a spiral type saw, so unlike a reciprocating jig saw, the Dremel Trio can make plunging cuts. This is an extremely useful feature when cutting out drywall holes for electrical outlets, particularly when the handle is articulated in the vertical position.

With its 2 amp motor, and an adjustable RPM rate from 10,000 to 20,000 RPM, the Dremel Trio can also easily make plunging cuts into wood and other materials. In addition, the scratch-proof foot plate can be adjusted up or down to control the depth of the cutting bit when using the tool.

Weighing in at only 2.8 lbs the Dremel Trio is also extremely light, and easy to hold and operate.

The Dremel Trio 6800 Model comes with a number of accessories including a straight edge guide that can be used as a fence to ensure straight cuts. Moreover, the straight edge guide can also be used to make arc or circular cuts due to a pivot point located on the underside of it.

Other neat features include a sturdy trigger switch for activating the tool, as well as a lock button feature to allow the device to stay in the “on” position when the tool is used for extended periods of time. In addition, there is a shaft lock button that allows you to hold the shaft in a locked position when loosening or tightening the collet nut. There is also a dust port on the back of the Dremel Trio to mitigate dust when using it in conjunction with a dust port adapter (sold separately) and a vacuum system.

The Dremel Trio 6800 Model also comes with a collet nut wrench, a wood/metal cutting bit, a router bit, and a drum sander bit, along with various grit drum sander paper rolls. A sturdy plastic carrying case is also included. In regards to the drum sander, it is perfect for sanding both arcs and straight edges.

So whether you’re a contractor or a DIY homeowner the Dremel Trio is the perfect tool for either the truck or workshop. For the DIY homeowner or craftsman, the Dremel Trio is perfect for wood working and furniture making projects. For the drywall contractor, it is ideal for cutting out drywall holes, and for the tiling contractor, it is perfect for making small and intricate cuts or for sanding tile edges.

You can find the Dremel Trio Model 6800 in home improvement centers around the country. You can also purchase it at various online stores, such as Amazon.com. See: Dremel CKDR-02 Ultimate 3-Tool Combo Kit with 15 Accessories and Storage Bag to purchase it.

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