HomeAdditionPlus.com Announces its Garage Addition Bid Sheet

The Garage Addition Bid Sheet is the perfect tool for helping homeowners plan a Garage Addition project and hire the right building contractor

Monday, November 24, 2008: Derry, New Hampshire – HomeAdditionPlus.com announced today its Garage Addition Bid Sheet. The Garage Addition Bid sheet is the perfect tool for assisting homeowners in obtaining contractor quotes from prospective building contractors, and most importantly, hiring the right one for the project. A key section of the bid sheet is a comprehensive list of questions compiled in a “Request for Quote” checklist format. Homeowners can use this section as a standalone Request for Quote checklist to submit to potential building contractors for bidding the garage addition project. Contractors complete the checklist and return it back to the homeowner for their review. The bid sheet also includes a separate spreadsheet tool that enables homeowners to estimate and monitor labor and material costs throughout the life of the project.

The 25 page Garage Addition Bid Sheet’s Request for Quote questionnaire form consists of over 100 questions on all aspects of a garage addition project. In addition, the bid sheet provides critical and extensive information to homeowners on how to work with a building contractor in order to ensure the project is constructed to the homeowner’s complete satisfaction, including budget and schedule. It also includes a list of manufacturers for key garage products for the project.

Construction topics discussed in detail in the bid sheet include: Site Excavation, Foundations, Framing, Electric, Plumbing, Heating, Drywall, Insulation, Flooring, Interior Finish Work, Painting and more.

In addition, the bid sheet discusses Start and Complete Dates, and provides estimated time intervals to complete specific project activities. It also discusses other key issues such as workman’s compensation, liability insurance coverage, budget allocations for flooring and lighting, debris disposal, reference checks and estimated building costs, and payment schedules.

In addition to the bid sheet itself, a separate and extensive Excel spreadsheet document is provided for enabling homeowners to plug in their own estimated and actual garage addition costs.

Garage Addition Bid Sheet

“The Garage Addition Bid Sheet aids homeowners through the planning and construction phases of their garage addition project. In addition, and most significantly, it walks them through the selection process of hiring the right building contractor.” said Mark Donovan, President of DIY HomeAdditionPlus.com. “I regularly hear nightmare stories of home addition projects that went awry due to issues such as unreliable contractors and/or poor quality workmanship. The Garage Addition Bid Sheet helps to ensure these types of problems do not occur by providing homeowners with the tools and guidance they need to hire the right building contractor for their garage addition project.”

The Garage Addition Bid Sheet is priced at $17 and can be purchased on line at Garage Addition Bid Sheet and is immediately downloadable.

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