Low Water Pressure Problem in House

Often an In-Line Water Filter is the Culprit in a Low Water Pressure Problem

By Mark J. Donovan

Question: Mark, I’m having a water pressure problem in my house. When I flush a toilet, and am simultaneously running water from a sink or tub faucet, the water begins to just dribble out of the faucet while the toilet fills up. What is so weird is that when I hook up a water hose to the outside spigot, which attaches to the water pipe that hooks up to the water pressure tank, I see a strong stream of water flowing out of it when the toilet is filling up.

So my question to you is what could be causing the water to run so slowly out of the faucets when the toilet is filling, but not the outdoor spigot. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: It could be a faulty pressure tank or a failing submersible pump. Also, if you have a water filter make sure it is not clogged up. Is there a water filter in-line after the pressure tank? It could be clogged and giving you the low pressure on the faucets.

Often the outside spigot is between the water pressure tank and water filter. This is done so that the water filter doesn’t get clogged when you, for example, water the lawn.

Feedback: Mark, Thank you so much. I never considered that the water filter could be clogged up because I clean it once a week. When I took out the water filter, I have water pressure. My problem is solved! I saved a lot of money without calling a plumber and again thank you very much for the assistance.

The pressure tank could be a source of low water pressure in the home.

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