Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

How to Change a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

By Mark J. Donovan

Whole house water filters are excellent for removing sediment and smells from your home’s water supply. However, water filter cartridge replacement is a necessary and regular maintenance task that must be performed with whole house water filters.

The frequency of water filter cartridge replacement is dependent upon the amount of sediment that is pulled up from the well and the amount of water that is used by the home.

This said, expect to have to replace water filter cartridges with whole house water filters every 4 to 6 weeks.

Water filter cartridge replacement begins with turning off the water valve that sits atop the whole house water filter. In addition, depending upon the model you may need to push a small button to relieve the water pressure in the system. However, before actually turning off the water fill a small pail with some water.

Once the water has been turned off you can begin the actual water filter cartridge replacement task.

Unscrew the base of the whole house water filter until it disconnects from the top portion of the filter. Then remove the old water filter cartridge and dispose of it.

Next, dump the remaining water and sediment contents of the water filter into a drain. Then use the pail of fresh water to rinse the base of the whole house water filter.

Next remove the O-ring that is attached to the base unit.

Water Filter Cartridge Replacement of a Whole House Water Filter

Then, use an old clean rag to remove any residual sediment in the base of the whole house water filter. Make sure to clean the threads with the rag and to wipe any sediment off of the O-ring.

After cleaning the base unit, use a rag to clean the threads of the upper portion of the whole house water filter.

Next, apply Vaseline to the O-ring and then reattach it to the base unit. The Vaseline helps to ensure the O-ring slides freely when the base unit is screwed back into the top portion of the whole house water filter.

Then install the replacement water filter cartridge into the base unit.

Now screw the base unit to the top portion of the whole house water filter. Once the base unit is snug to the upper unit, turn the base unit another ¾ of a turn and then stop.

Make sure the threads are clean on the water filter cartridge holder prior to screwing it back up into the whole house water filter unit.

Slowly turn the valve back on to the water filter. By slowly turning on the whole house water filter air can be bled out of the water system so that you don’t hear it knocking around the supply line pipes when you turn on the faucets.

Wipe down the sidewalls of the whole house filter to eliminate any water on it, and inspect the filter for any leaks. With the water turned back on and no leaks observed, the water filter cartridge replacement task is complete.

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