Staining Window Trim Video

Tips on How to Stain Window Trim

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video, Mark Donovan of shows how to stain window trim.

If you want to make your life easier when it comes to staining window trim then stain the window trim prior to installing it on the walls.

By doing so you will eliminate countless hours of having to cut around window trim edges that are already attached to the window frame and walls.

To stain window trim you’ll need a sponge brush, a clean rag, work gloves and stain of course.

To pre-stain window trim first layout some cardboard or newspaper in a open area such as in a garage. Make sure to keep the windows or doors open so that you have plenty of ventilation.

Next stain a piece of window trim using the sponge brush. Apply the stain liberally to make sure you get in all of the cracks. Also make sure to stain the top and sides, as well as the ends. Don’t bother staining the back of the trim.

After staining the piece of window trim immediately wipe it down with a dry and clean rag. Do not wait until you’ve stained all the other pieces of window trim. If you do, the first piece will appear much darker than the last piece you stain.

Once you’ve stained all of the window trim and have wiped it down, allow the window trim to dry for a couple of hours before installing it on the windows.

Stained wood windows.

One final tip: Keep the stain and a rag next to the miter saw. After each cut of the window trim, touch up the cut edges with a little stain. This way you’ll prevent having to touch up the window trim after it has been installed on the window frame.

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