Touch Up Painting of Interior Wood Trim

Restoring Painted Interior Wood Trim

By Mark J. Donovan

If you have painted interior wood trim, chances are they see their fair share of minor scuff marks and nicks in the paint. Touch up painting of interior wood trim can usually restore the wood trim to its original look.

To touch up paint interior wood trim you will need some paint, a paint brush, masking tape, a rag, fine grit sandpaper and a drop cloth. For most interior wood trim paint jobs, a 1.5 to 2.0 inch, angled paint brush works best.

After washing down the interior wood trim to remove any oils and dirt, use the fine grit sandpaper on the areas where there are minor nicks and scuff marks.

Wipe down the interior wood trim with a moist rag after sanding to remove any dust from the trim.

Now apply masking tape to the adjacent wall surfaces that you do not want to paint. Also apply masking tape to the adjacent flooring. If you have carpeted floors, use a wide masking tape and push the edge of it down in-between the trim and the carpet. Then fold the masking tape over the carpeting so that it sticks to it. In addition, lay the drop cloth on the floor where you will be painting.

Next, begin the task of touch up painting the interior wood trim by starting near the top of the trim and working your way downwards.

As you near the bottom of the trim, take care to cut carefully along the bottom where the trim meets the floor.

For best results, apply a second coat of touch up paint over the interior wood trim to ensure a beautiful look. Before applying the second coat, however, lightly sand the interior wood trim surface to enable the second coat to adhere well.

How to touch up painted interior trim.

Again, make sure to wipe down the interior wood trim with a slightly damp rag after sanding to remove any dust from the trim.

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