Painting Exterior Wood Trim Tip Video

All Six Sides of Exterior Wood Trim or House Siding Should be Primed or Painted Prior to Installation

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of explains an important tip about painting exterior wood trim and wood siding when installing house siding and exterior trim.

When installing exterior wood trim or wood house siding it’s essential to prime or paint all 6 sides of each board prior to installing them. In addition, the primer and paint should be allowed to fully dry before attaching the exterior wood trim or house siding to the home.

This also means that after every cut of exterior wood trim or house siding that the cut ends be primed or painted and allowed time to dry prior to attaching them to the home. Though it may seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal to skip this step, it is.

Every un-primed or un-painted surface is susceptible to moisture penetration. If moisture gets into the side end or back side of the wood trim piece or house siding it can cause the front paint surface to eventually bubble and flake off. Moreover the exterior wood siding or clapboards could also rot.

So don’t skip this vital step when installing trim or house siding. Painting exterior wood trim and house siding, all six sides, is essential for keeping your home’s exterior looking beautiful and preventing water damage.

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