Faux Wall Finishes

Add Style and Texture to Your Interior Walls with Faux Wall Finishes

By Mark J. Donovan

Instead of just painting your interior walls with a typical flat, satin or egg shell paint finish, why not consider a more luxurious look such as a faux wall finish. Faux wall finishes are increasingly becoming a popular trend in wall finishes. They add texture and style to interior walls similar to wallpaper or even tile, at a fraction of the price.

Unlike expensive wallpapers and ceramic tiles, faux wall finishes utilizes just paint. Consequently the material costs are much lower with faux wall finishes.

In addition, the average do it yourself homeowner can quickly and easily learn some of the most popular techniques for creating faux wall finishes.

Many faux wall finishes involve the process of layering paints, such as applying a translucent color over an opaque paint, to give that textured look.

Faux wall finishes are created using several painting application methods. The most common faux wall finish techniques involve the use of sponges, rags and stencils. Some of the more popular faux wall finish methods include sponge paint, rag rolling and color washing, however there are many other techniques that are employed today to create very colorful and textured interior wall finishes.

Listed below is a more comprehensive list of faux wall finishes:

  • Color washing
  • Sponge painting
  • Rag rolling
  • Crackle and Aging
  • Faux Metallic
  • Faux Clouds
  • Faux Stamping
  • Faux Stone
  • Faux Spattering
  • Faux Leathering

So before you decide to just paint your interior walls a flat color because wallpaper or ceramic tile costs are beyond your home remodeling budget, consider a faux wall finish. Faux wall finishes look beautiful, are inexpensive, and are relatively easy to learn how to do. In addition, the variety of faux finishes is limited only by one’s own creativity.

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