How to Repair a Small Drywall Ceiling Hole

Repairing Drywall Ceiling Holes is a Snap with a Few Basic Tools

By Mark J. Donovan

Occasionally a drywall ceiling can be dinged by an object that necessitates the need for making a small drywall ceiling hole repair.

To repair a small drywall ceiling hole, you will need some sticky mesh drywall tape, joint compound, a 3” drywall taping knife, and a small piece of sandpaper. If you have a popcorn ceiling you will also need a small can of ready-mixed popcorn ceiling material.

First use your taping knife to remove any of the popcorn ceiling or rough edges from around the small drywall ceiling hole.

Next, use your drywall taping knife to apply some joint compound into the small hole.

Now, place a small section of the sticky fiberglass mesh tape over the hole and coat the surface of the tape, and the immediate surrounding area with a skim coat of joint compound.

Allow the joint compound to fully dry and then lightly sand off the high edges around the small patched drywall hole with your sandpaper.

Next, apply a second skim coat of joint compound over the patched drywall ceiling hole. This time, however, flare out the joint compound another couple of inches wider. Again, let the joint compound fully dry before lightly sanding the surface.

Again, apply a third skim coat of joint compound over the small patched drywall ceiling hole. On this final coat, make sure to flare out the joint compound an additional 2 to 3 inches. Once again, wait for the joint compound to fully dry and lightly sand one last time.

How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole EBook

Finally, prime and paint the patched area. If the ceiling had a popcorn finish, then apply a coat of ready mixed popcorn textured material. You can find this at any home improvement center.

For information on repairing a large drywall hole, see the “How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole” Ebook from  The “How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole” Ebook provides step-by-step instructions on how to repair your damaged wall so that it looks as good as new.

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