How to Hang Heavy Picture Frame on Wall

Tips on Mounting a Heavy Picture Frame on a Wall by Using Picture Wire and One Wall Stud

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to mount a heavy picture frame on a wall.

When hanging a heavy picture frame on a wall that is wider than 16 inches, it is often impossible to mount the picture frame to two wall studs.

Consequently you may have no choice but to mount the picture frame to the wall on just one stud and using picture frame wire.

If you don’t have any picture wire handy you can create your own if you have some safety wire and a drill gun. Simply cut a length of safety wire 5 to 6 times the width of the picture frame. Then twist the two ends of the cut safety wire together.

Next put the twisted ends of wire into the bit end of a drill gun. Slip the loop end of the safety wire over the handle of a pair of vice grips that are secured to a work bench.

Now simply pull the wire taut and pull on the drill gun trigger. Instantly the wire will be braided.

After the wire is braided remove it from the drill bit and vice grips and fold it in half. Repeat the process again to get a very strong length of picture frame wire.

Then attach the picture frame wire to the eyelets that are secured to the back of the picture frame. The picture frame wire should be fairly straight and taut between the two eyelets.

There should only be about one inch of bow on the wire when you pull up on it. Otherwise the picture frame will lean out from the wall when you hang it, or even worse, the wire will extend beyond the top of the picture frame.

How to Hang Heavy Picture Frame on Wall Video

Now find the wall stud and wall where you want to mount the heavy picture frame to and nail a picture frame hook to it. Make sure the nail penetrates into the wall stud.

Then mount the heavy picture frame on the wall by placing the wire over the loop on the picture frame hook.

Finally, place a level on top of the picture frame to make sure it is level to complete the process of hanging a heavy picture frame.

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