Installation of a Home Freeze Alarm

Remotely Control your Home’s Heating System and Get Automatic Calls When There is a Power Outage at your Home with a Home Freeze Alarm

By Mark J. Donovan

I installed a home freeze alarm system in my home yesterday, and I must say I am pretty impressed with it.

I installed an FA-D2 Freeze Alarm that I purchased online from The FA-D2 Freeze Alarm provides a number of unique features that I could not find in other systems I researched.

The key features that I was looking for and that were supported by the FA-D2 Freeze Alarm included:

  • The ability for the box to call up to 3 phone numbers when the temperature went outside a specified temperate range (e.g. 45 – 85 degrees F).
  • The ability for the box to accept Water Sensor and Motion Sensor inputs and to call up to 3 phone numbers when either/any of these alarm sensors activates.
  • The ability for the box to switch between two thermostats (e.g. one set for 68 degrees F and the other one set for 55 degrees F when we are away from the home). Very useful for a vacation home or cottage.
  • The ability to call the box at any time to obtain temperature and power conditions at the home.
The device was very simple to install. I located it near a telephone jack and power outlet, and within 10 minutes I was able to program it to dial 3 different phone numbers in the event of an out-of-temperature condition.

I also added a second thermostat in my home to take advantage of the remote temperature control feature. My home is heated with a single zone hot air system. By adding the second thermostat, I can remotely control which thermostat is used by the heating system to control the temperature of the house.

After installing the second thermostat, I had to make a few minor wiring changes to the controller box on the heating burner associated with the furnace. Basically each of the thermostats normal “hot” lines needed to feed into the FA-D2 freeze alarm system.

I then connected a third wire between the FA-D2’s Common terminal and the “hot side” of the heating burner’s control electronics. I finally connected the white return wires associated with each thermostat to the “return” screw nut on the heating burner’s control electronic box.

Again, with a phone call to the FA-D2 Freeze Alarm box, I was able to select which thermostat the furnace operated off of. One of the thermostats I set at 68o F and the other I set to 55o F for when we are away from the home.

The entire project only took a couple of hours to complete, and after repeated tests, I am 100% sold on the FA-D2 Freeze Alarm. It works as advertised and is well worth the $300 investment.

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