Door Weatherstripping Replacement

Save on Winter Heating Bills by Replacing Worn Door Weatherstripping

By Mark J. Donovan

Is your home feeling chilly and drafty this winter? If so run your hand around the inside perimeter of your exterior doors to feel for drafts. If you feel drafts then most likely the door weatherstripping needs replacing. Door weatherstripping has the tendency to flatten down, crack or become worn over time. If your door weatherstripping is exhibiting these types of signs, then you should install new door weatherstripping to eliminate the cold drafts. Not only will your house feel warmer, you will also help save on your home’s heating bills by doing so.

Foam Door Weatherstripping

Door weatherstripping replacement kits are available in a number of options. The simplest and least expensive door weatherstripping solution is foam door weatherstripping.

This type of door weatherstripping comes in roles and cost only a few dollars. You can find foam door weatherstripping at any home improvement store and it comes in varying thicknesses and lengths.

Foam door weatherstripping has a sticky backing that is protected by paper. All you need to do to install this type of door weatherstripping is to measure the door jambs, cut an appropriate length of foam door weatherstripping, peal of the protective paper and then install the door weatherstripping around the doorframe. It’s that simple.

Door Weatherstripping Kits

As an alternative to low cost foam door weatherstripping you can also buy door weatherstripping replacement kits that consist of foam wrapped around a wood or metal flange.

There are also door weatherstripping kits that are comprised of a vinyl bulb and metal flange assembly. Each door weatherstripping kit that includes a flange contains two long sections for the door side jambs, as well as a shorter section for the top door jamb.

Door Weatherstripping for keeping your home draft-free and warmer.

To install these types of door weatherstripping solutions, again measure the door side jamb heights and the door top jamb width and cut the weather stripping flange pieces to length. Note that you should cope cut the door weatherstripping flanges at 45o angles where they butt up against each other. This will enable clean 90o angled corners, and provide for a continuous flow of the foam or vinyl bulb insulating material around the doorframe.

After cutting the door weatherstripping flange pieces to length position them tightly up against the outside facing closed door so that the foam or vinyl bulb compress slightly.

While holding the door weatherstripping flanges in place secure them to the door frame with nails. The nails should be spaced approximately every 12 inches from each other.

Installing Door Sweeps

If your door has leaky drafts around the base of it you can install door sweeps. Door sweeps are a type of door weatherstripping that attaches to the base of the door so that when the door closes it forms an air tight seal with the bottom of the door frame.

So if you want to eliminate the drafts in your home this winter check your exterior doors for drafts, and install door weatherstripping replacements where needed. You feel warmer and you’ll save a small bundle on your home heating bills.

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