Home Inspections

Home Inspection Types and How they Impact Buying or Selling a House

A home inspection should always be done when buying a new home. Home inspections can uncover safety problems or expensive repairs for the unsuspecting home buyer.

When buying a new home or existing home it is important to have a home inspection. A home inspection can find problems that may otherwise go undetected by the average home buyer. A home inspector is trained and licensed to inspect a home.

Home inspections include checking the structural integrity of the home, as well as inspecting the home’s roof and basement for leaks.

In addition, a home inspection also includes checking for insect and rodent infestation problems, water problems, septic system problems, asbestos issues, and radon. Most home inspections include a base fee for checking the home for structural soundness and water problems. The additional items, such as radon testing, and water testing, are optional and are paid for a la carte.

Included in the articles below is helpful information on home inspections and what to look for when hiring a home inspector.

Home Inspections Information

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